Picture Perfect

I went through the Graphic Art and Photography galleries in the Artwork section of the site this evening. I’ve added all the photo titles (when you hover over the thumbnail they show up) and the descriptions (when you actually click on the picture and it opens up). It’s something I’ve been meaning to do (and dreading). Better late than never.


DF.com on YouTube

As promised, you will now find in our newly added Video section a group of videos that feeds from our “Favorites” list from YouTube.com (found on the site here). We’ll be adding more videos over time, but there are some of our top perennial favorites posted already to get things going. Of course, you’re always welcome to drop us a line via comments on this post to let us know what videos you’d like to see included. We just might dig what you’re cooking and post it. Who knows. We just might.

To make room on the main menu bar I changed the Visual Artwork section to the smaller length Artwork section. Content remains the same though I did delete some duplicate Graphic Art that I found.

You’ll also find in the right hand side menu some quick picks of the top external DF.com sites from around web the under “Beyond DF.com – Top Picks” heading. The complete list of external sites can be found in the Beyond DF.com section.

Our expansion around the web is complete at this point (at least for the time being). We’re far from done though… we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves that we’ll be showing off over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


Doing The Deed

So last night I continued to update content. There are a few new pictures on pages 6 , 7, and 8 of the Visual Artwork “Graphic Art” gallery including some old pen & ink comic art I did for Daemon Immortalis’s “Stack Ups” cartoon series. You’ll also see exclusive never before seen scans of the character sketches. You’ll also see some old “Vote Bush” banners from back when we were young and stupid, as well as, some old holiday greeting graphics from v4 and v5 of df.com. We now have over 90 pieces of art work in this category alone. This is arguably the most complete collection of both my and our contributors graphic art work to date that we’ve publicly displayed at any given one time ever. As always, this site is about being bigger and better than before. I think we’re doing a good job of that motto thus far (and based on your feedback it seems you feel the same way).

You’ll notice on the right hand menu a new “Around the Web” feature that will show you the latest news from some of my favorite sites (CNN.com, BBC News, and CNET to name a few…). I thought this would be a nice compliment/feature to have on the site. It’ll give you some insight into the news I’m reading and an opportunity to catch up on some of the latest developments in politics, science, entertainment, and technology. I don’t think it’s over whelming in any sense and compliments the overall look/feel well. As always, please let me know if you disagree.

Overall the site is working very well and it appears as if we may be ready in the next week or so in going ahead with the final beta portion of the site (dfv11 RC2) before we finalize the site. Again– thank you both your patience through development and your feedback as it has helped shape the site into quite the little masterpiece.

I also opened up all the old articles and df Pirate Radio posts to public comment. Feel free to have at it and let me know what you think. We did have comments closed down while we finalized the look/feel on those pages, but we’re ready now for you to leave your own mark on the posts.


This And That

Quick minor update, I posted the ads that were used as private invitations for my Bachelor Party (affectingly labeled “Digitalflood Party – The End”) back in 2007 on the last page of Graphic Art section. This is the first time these pieces have been publicly displayed and I think at the very least you’ll get a giggle out of them. Enjoy!


Idle Hands

They say that idle hands are the Devil’s plaything and if that is the case, there is not Satan to be found near my palms because I just released a slew updated content to the site. All the image related pages (Graphic Art, Photos, and even the Biography page) have been updated with a lightbox application that users of social networking sites (like Facebook or MySpace) will find very familiar. It cleans up the image enlargement pop ups and unifies the design elements, which is always nice. The final result is both cleanly executed and easy to use. This marks release .1 for the df.com code and is yet another milestone in development. Yay me!