DF Pirate Radio – “The Worst of 2009”

Title: Vol. 6 Episode 2 (Click link to play) Rel: 1/12/10
Description:The Worst of 2009” – Every now and then we do a show to recap the worst songs of a given year. This happens to be one of those shows. This volume’s “Worst Of” episode we recap the absolute worst songs (and artists) of 2009. It’s the way we like to ring in the New Year– by maliciously tearing into every artist who released a lame track during the previous year. How brutal is the show? DJ digitalflood manages to within the first five minutes offend not only MC Mary @ The Di$co!, but his wife (Cee Money) as well. Things escalate from there. In the first ten minutes he offends several major religions, one or two racial groups, and possibly the human race in general. When the show takes a wrong turn at the “Beyonce Hovah” reference it’s all down hill from there.

The next thing you know rappers are hanging out with gender confused pop stars to crochet sweaters and proto-black artists who threaten to transform your face by beating it in are mixed into post-grunge crap rock. There’s some transgendered dance music, the most likely to OD movie stars list, and DJ digitalflood calling just about everyone in pop music a douche. MC Mary @ The Di$co announces her favorite birthday hobby to make things even more awkward (Hint: It’s not birthday Facebook messages). It should get better from there, but it doesn’t. There are several screaming matches and even MC Mary @ The Di$co insisting her name includes a money sign (hence the spelling for this week), but at the end of it all 2010 looks like it can only be better than 2009– all things considered though with a playlist like this there is no realistic way where it could be worse!

The show rings in the New Year at over two hours long and depending on your taste is a great mix to party to or a bunch of stuff to make you want to puke. Either way you’ll be entertained by some of the funniest arguments to date. How funny is the show? We suggest you don’t listen to it while drinking any beverage to avoid drowning– it is simply that hilarious.


Next DF Pirate Radio – 1/12/10

Times Square in NYC back in 2006 - We don't plan on having this many people around for our version of the event.

Times Square in NYC back in 2006 - Needless to say, we don't plan on having this many people around for our version of the event. Four people is about all my house can hold before breathing becomes a problem.

We’ve finally got around to scheduling the recording of “digitalflood Pirate Radio Vol. 6 Episode 2”. That recording will take place this evening and production will follow shortly thereafter. Expect the show to be released the evening of Tuesday January 12, 2010. This will be our New Year’s 2010 show and we’ll be doing our annual “Top Ten Worst Songs/Artists” for the year of 2009. It’s always a blast (check the previous New Year’s show from 2006 to get an idea on how this works). MC Mary @ The Disco! will be on; as will Chrissy. Wait until you hear who got picked this year. You may want to listen with a puke bucket nearby– just in case.

I think I finally figured out the logistics of how we’re going to run “The 2010 digitalflood Metal Challenge” as far as voting goes. I’ll probably use the polls feature on df.com and break down each race by sub-genre. The sub-genre winners will go on to to battle each other in another poll and so on. Ultimately the whole thing will accumulate in one winner. It’s going to absolutely rock so I hope you’ll be sure to vote. We’re still taking applications for judges, so if you want in on picking the candidates be sure to drop me a line ASAP. You can do so either using the comments of df.com or though any one of the many social networks we are on. Once all the candidates are in that is it– the line up is picked and voting begins. We’re going to ideally kick off the contest no later than 2/1/10 so time is of the essence if you want to add your choices to the list as they say.

Finally, we’re still taking guests for DF Pirate Radio Volume 6 and I’ve added a new way we can record the whole deal. I’ve setup a Skype account (djdigitalflood) and plan on using that for guests all too lazy to venture out. I’m also going to be experimenting with remote on site shows recorded with my Zen IV MP3 player, which has built in recording features. Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing where we’ll be recording (hint: somebody is about to turn twenty one years old who is pretty frequent on our show… yeah… that one). This will bring a whole new twist to Pirate Radio. Another surprise from df.com and one I know you’ll enjoy.


Firming Things Up

Mapquest - Losing people since 1996!

Mapquest - Losing people since 1996!

I spoke with Reverend Baker this evening via phone and we drew out the high level plans for his upcoming Pirate Radio session (Vol. 5 Episode 2), which is now due to drop some eight days and counting. The good Reverend has some pretty nifty plans for the show and I cannot wait until you hear what he’s thinking about. As with his past appearances, this one also promises to be a sure fire classic. Unfortunately I cannot let the cat out of the bag and reveal any of the details just quite yet. The wait will be worth it. Trust me.

I also had the chance to hang out with D.J. A.D.D. this evening. He’s up to some pretty neat things and about to go into public beta with a new web based project he is working on. I have to say I’m absolutely stoked about what I saw this evening. We went over some web site optimization strategies and I have to say even in pre-beta his web site absolutely rocks. I cannot wait to let you in on what he’s up to, but alas I will have to. Surprises are a lot better that way. I can promise you this much– the site is unique and at once also very promising as a catchy concept many will use. Stay tuned for more about that.

I also was sure to egg Mr. D.J. A.D.D. on about coming back to do a Pirate Radio show this season. With the web site development going on though that may not be an option, but he is sure that once things do calm down he’s going to be back and is even promising to deliver a new DJ mix set for the show. Again, I cannot wait.

There’s many things going on in the background right now at df.com and even more going on with our many collaborators. I hope you can make it out to the Armed Suspect’s 11/21/09 show I posted about this morning. I certainly wish I could, but it’s not exactly a great idea to go to a rock show with a recently repaired shoulder. They actually played a show in Warwick, NY about a week ago and I’m still kicking myself about not being able to go. I heard it absolutely rocked and I’m sure this one will as well.

You’ll notice starting with this post I’m adding what’s called “tags” to each post. This will, down the road, make it easier to find what you want on df.com using our in house search or another outside web search provider (such as Google or Bing) to find what you’re looking for. Eventually you’ll see a “tag cloud” appear on the left side menu (in a day or two). This will let you know what is a hot topic on the site right now and and again maybe help you find what you’re looking for quicker. Like many of the improvements at df.com, this is seemingly a baby step; but in the long term will deliver an even better df.com experience.

Finally, I leave you with my picture of the day. I dedicate this one to something I’m sure we’ve all had happen if you’ve ever used Mapquest.com for directions and ended up quite not where  you suspected. As always, thanks for checking and being patient.


Pirate Radio Vol. 5 Episode 2 – “Preview”

Reverend Damian Baker

Reverend Damian Baker

As you may remember (or not since it’s been so long), we already recorded our first digitalflood Pirate Radio for the year (Vol. 5 Episode 1) back in January of 2009. Because of that show, this new and forthcoming Pirate Radio show will be labeled “Vol. 5 Episode 2”. Hopefully this explanation will avoid confusion when you see it up on df.com in some nine days and counting down. I didn’t want you to think I was pulling some cheesy Star Wars hokey release a later episode before the earlier episode garbage.

I’m happy to announce Vol. 5 Episode 2 will be guest hosted by none other than Reverend Damian Baker. The good Reverend’s profile can be found on DF Staff Page #2. Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts M’Weezy will not be available, but all that means is there will be no one to reel me in. As such, this should be an episode to remember. Throw in the fact that the good Reverend always shows up with a few musical surprises and you can for sure understand this is an episode you’ll need to have in your df Pirate Radio MP3 collection. As I always say, “Let’s get into it!”


DF Pirate Radio – Cliffnotes (2008 Season)

Cliff Notes – 2008 Season

* After two years (since 2006) on hiatus and the first time since November 2007 any new sets have been released, DF PIrate Radio returned to the webcast scene in October 2008 with a brand new show.

* Chrissy is DJ digitalflood’s wife in real life. They were married in April of 2007.

* The current Pirate Radio studio is in the Welch household’s living room.

* The speaking interludes in Pirate Radio are actually recorded days before the show is engineered and produced. The playlist is one of the first pieces of Pirate Radio that is determined. From there a format is fleshed out. A general plot decided. Then recording takes place. The music and sound effects are added in later during production.

* Every live mix show has contained at least one track featuring Old Dirty Bastard. This is an homage to DJ digitalflood’s favorite rapper.

* Live mix shows take longer to actually make than the normal spoken format shows. On top of the normal four hour production time required to create an episode, a one hour recording session must be performed in real time. Normal shows only require about 30 minutes of recording to tape the voice interlude segments. Mixing then occurs in the production software and not in real time thus speeding the actual creation process.

* The lost episode (11/3/08) took some four months to be released. Production began in one version of Sony software and ended in another. Yes– we took long enough to go up a version during production.