Mopping The Deck

Rig at Prow of Sailing Ship -- That's what she said!

Rig at Prow of Sailing Ship -- That's what she said!

I’ve been pretty busy mopping the deck at over the last 24 hours (despite my continued and never ending bout with stomach flu) trying to improve some things on the site.

My most recent updates to the site include:

  • Updated WordPress CMS to latest version – Improves security, stability, and overall functionality.
  • Updated all plug-in’s for new WordPress – Again improves security and features.
  • Added Browser Navigation Bar Icon – That little thing next to our web address in your browser is our DF Pirate Radio symbol. If you re-bookmark the site you’ll be able to have a cool icon in your bookmarks. ROCK!
  • Updated Mobile WP – Improves mobile phone load times and reduces initial latency loading site.
  • Updated the digitalflood Pirate Radio Volume 5 Cliff Notes to reflect all that happened behind the scenes this year.

This adds up to putting us at Version: 11.3.2 (Final) as reflected on our DF Code Tracking page.

Things have been humming along since my last updates and I’m not noticing anymore issues with the site going down. I found not only a spam attack, but a strange web attack as well linked to some configurations on our web server. Overall things have been better so there is no plans on upgrading the server anytime soon, but eventually we will have to go there– this is the price of fame I suppose.


Catch Up, Not Ketchup

Some quick notes to catch up on:

We were recently linked to on in this article linking back to our recently posted “Oink, Oink My Good Man” article. The site is dedicated to the latest news on the H3N2 virus (the virus formerly known as “Swine Flu”) and contains a wide variety of interesting information from reputable news sources. Be sure to check it out.

Follow up, on “Paranormal Activity” the movie – I received an email this evening (told you they couldn’t resist it) letting me know the following:

Hit 1,000,000 Demands and Paranormal Activity will open nationwide in the U.S. and Canada!

In addition, Paramount is giving two lucky fans a VIP screening of Paranormal Activity in their home town with the film’s director/writer/producer Oren Peli.

One fan will be selected randomly from all Demanders. The second fan will be selected from the city with the most Demands!

So there you go– the marketing campaign worked and we’ll all get to see what the buzz is about. Go us (?).

The number once image search for for the past two months is “missing milk carton”. We come up on the first page and as result you can find our infamous image all over the place:

Some examples of image hack jobs can be found here, here, and here… just to name a few. Glad to know we’re popular, but it’d be nice to get a little credit every once in awhile (*sheesh*).

It was painful watching my second favorite MLB team, the Detroit Tigers, lose to the Minnesota Twins; but it was cool watching the longest regular season one game play off match ever (12 innings, 5-6). History has been made. Looks like I got to find a team to root for in the play offs (and no it won’t be the NY Yankees no matter how much you try to convince me it should be). I think it’s going to be an LA Angels post season and I’m pretty big fan already (I had most of their outfield on my fantasy baseball team this year) of their players so maybe that will work.

Our second most searched image is our “Cats, the other white meat” logo:

As such, I’d like to remind you we do have ringer tees, dog tees, girlie tees, and even coffee mugs with that logo on it. Now you can let the whole world know what a sick SOB you really are… which makes you one of us so that’s just fine with me. Rock on!

This Friday (10/9/09) at TGI Friday’s in Middletown, NY (directions here) my friend Dave will be playing a gig at 10 pm EST. If you’re looking for something to do I’d highly recommend it. Dave plays a little bit of folk, a little bit of jazz, and some rock. I think you’d enjoy it (because I know I will) so show up or something.


DF Pirate Radio – “Spring Break 2006”

Title: Vol. 2 Episode 13 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 04/04/06
Description: DJ Digitalflood spins on his own and provides us with the soundtrack to Spring Break 2006. From Punk Rock to Hardcore to Industrial to Hip Hop, he covers it all. There’s a few dedications thrown in for fun. Good stuff. So good that DJ Digitalflood calls out the other webcasts. Not much else to say.

DF Pirate Radio – “Harlem Child; Sugar Loaf Dreams”

Title: Vol. 2 Episode 11 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 03/13/06
Description: DJ Digitalflood goes solo again to do some mixing. We find out he cannot say “plethora”, but he can mix Rock, Blues, and Metal with the best of them. The episode features a song called “Harlem Child” by local Blues guitar legend Bill Perry who passed away suddenly due to illness in 2007. Digitalflood was a huge fan and this episode has been dedicated in memory of Bill Perry. You can purchase his albums online at Amazon. Highly recommended for music fans of all ages and genres.

DF Pirate Radio – “Rated NoPants”

Title: Vol. 1 Episode 10 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 12/19/05
Description: Morgan NoPants comes back to talk about surprise sex, drinking shots, and generally being bad. No Georgette @ The Disco = Rated R. This with even more Industrial and Punk Rock than should be consumed in an hour web cast results in a show that just by listening to it lowers your Purity Test Score by about 100 points. Bonus!