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Morgan NoPants Morgan NoPants (Morgan)
Morgan NoPants is an animal rights activist, feta cheese advocate, and is a huge S&M fan. She enjoys razor blades, tarps, and long walks on beaches at sunset. Morgan has guest hosted on Pirate Radio several times and continues to be a fan favorite. She is happily married and is a full time housewife. She’s also a lot shorter than she appears to be in photos.
DJ Congo Jane DJ Congo Jane (Sara)
DJ Congo Jane appeared once on Pirate Radio during the “NJ Invasion” series. She is a huge fan of music, enjoys tattoos and piercings, and loves the great outdoors. She is a Waitress by day and knows more about computers than you may think.
Jeff Jeff
Jeff has guest hosted on Pirate Radio a few times. He also has appeared uncredited as Hulk Hogan on the show several times. Jeff is a System Programmer by day and a part time professional Musician. He currently is part of a metal band (Devairia) and is well versed guitarist. He enjoys music, audio production, and technology. He is also a huge auto enthusiast with a special place in his heart for old BMW’s and circa 80s Ford Mustangs.
DJ ADD DJ A.D.D. (Steve)
DJ A.D.D. has guest hosted on Pirate Radio once. He was also the first Pirate Radio contest winner when he guessed the right number of times various phrases were said in the “How Many Indeed” contest. He is into audio production, DJing, a dedicated auto enthusiast, and loves wine. He is a Programmer by day and techno music junkie by night. DJ A.D.D. enjoys fine wine, food, and has a wide variety of musical tastes. You can find more of his DJ mixing work and club sets at his official web site.
Muppet Mike Muppet Mike (Mike)
Muppet Mike went to college with DJ Digitalflood at SUNY Orange where they were both DJ’s on WOCC Radio (530 AM). Mike has appeared on an episode Pirate Radio as well as a guest host. Mike got his nickname from his internship on “Sesame Street” and his love of puppetry. Mike today works full time as a teacher and has his Bachelor’s in Education. He is happily married and enjoys going to celebrity meet and greet conventions in his spare time.
Rev Baker Reverend Baker (Damian)
Reverend Damian Baker went to college with DJ digitalflood at SUNY Orange where they were both DJ’s on WOCC (530 AM) radio. The good Reverend was well on his way to becoming a minister when he decided he wanted to find himself before making such a commitment. He also had a short stint as a professional DJ on an adult contemporary radio station. Today he works as a sales associate in a retail store full time and continues to appear with DJ digitalflood on Pirate Radio time to time as a guest host with a lively fresh set of tunes to spin.
Skinner Skinner @ The Bar! (Eric)
Skinner @ The Bar! (aka Skins) has appeared on one episode of Pirate Radio. Skinner is currently unemployed, but prefers to be referred to as “Vocationally Challenged” as it sounds much nicer. Skinner also is a musician and plays gigs at local bars from time to time. Skinner enjoys punk rock, is a serious pool shark, and could drink more bourbon than any man should be able to back in the day. He’s today 100% dry though he still enjoys his nights at the bar albeit with a soda instead of bourbon.

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