DF Pirate Radio – Cliffnotes (2008 Season)

Cliff Notes – 2008 Season

* After two years (since 2006) on hiatus and the first time since November 2007 any new sets have been released, DF PIrate Radio returned to the webcast scene in October 2008 with a brand new show.

* Chrissy is DJ digitalflood’s wife in real life. They were married in April of 2007.

* The current Pirate Radio studio is in the Welch household’s living room.

* The speaking interludes in Pirate Radio are actually recorded days before the show is engineered and produced. The playlist is one of the first pieces of Pirate Radio that is determined. From there a format is fleshed out. A general plot decided. Then recording takes place. The music and sound effects are added in later during production.

* Every live mix show has contained at least one track featuring Old Dirty Bastard. This is an homage to DJ digitalflood’s favorite rapper.

* Live mix shows take longer to actually make than the normal spoken format shows. On top of the normal four hour production time required to create an episode, a one hour recording session must be performed in real time. Normal shows only require about 30 minutes of recording to tape the voice interlude segments. Mixing then occurs in the production software and not in real time thus speeding the actual creation process.

* The lost episode (11/3/08) took some four months to be released. Production began in one version of Sony software and ended in another. Yes– we took long enough to go up a version during production.


DF Pirate Radio – “The Lost Episode”

Title: Vol. 4 Episode 4 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 11/3/08
Description: “The Lost Episode ” – Lost for months in what has come to be known as “The Floody Pants Lazy Zone” this episode features Alexa as the guest host. This was recorded back on 11/3/08. DJ digitalflood and M’Weezy recount the old days when bears attacked, the Jackson 5 were thinking of reuniting, and Barrack Obama was nothing more than a could be Presidential nominee. Enjoy the cheeky 2008 references like Palin Secret Librarian Porn Star, Miley Cyrus Reverse Pedophile, When Wives Attack, and the ever popular M’Weezy Fat Joke Gone Wrong. Ah, the good old days (*sigh*). This episode was finally finished and released on 2/4/09.

DF Pirate Radio – “The Seance Sessions”

Title: Vol. 4 Episode 3 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 10/28/08
Description: “The Séance Sessions” – What happens when DJ digitalflood conjures up a mix of nothing, but bands who’ve lost a member and musicians who’ve passed on? Whether years gone or newly departed. Whether rock or hip hop. DJ digitalflood puts together a mix that’s sure to get any Halloween party going that’ll have you hearing dead people. It’s the annual Pirate Radio Halloween mix so be sure to get your favorite chilled glass of blood and be sure your fangs are clean. It’s time to get into it! Featuring over 70 minutes of live mixed non-stop music.

DF Pirate Radio – “Ghangstah Clique”

Title: Vol. 4 Episode 2 (Click to Play) Rel: 10/19/08
Description: When MC Mary @ The Disco! returns from hiatus DJ digitalflood makes a startling discovery about her life changing decisions over the past two years and Pirate Radio will never be the same. Guest starring DJ digitalflood’s wife, Chrissy. Features a mix of rock and pop with a Pirate Radio twist. Possibly the funniest episode to date (though opinions will surely vary). Also, featuring the return of the “Scene Clip of The Week”. DF Pirate Radio is officially back and better than ever!

DF Pirate Radio – “The Milwaukee’s Best Session”

Title: Vol. 4 Episode 1 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 10/12/08
Description: “The Milwaukee’s Best Session” – What happens when you drink 12 Milwaukee’s Best Ice beers and go wild on a turn table? This episode is what! Very random mix of rap, classic rock, dance hall, and industrial style music. The session was recorded live in one take with the radio banners inserted in post production. There is no dialogue or special guests. Just lots (60 plus minutes) of straight music remixed to DJ digitalflood heart’s content. This is the first DJ set released by DJ digitalflood in almost a year, but it’s well worth the wait.