Raiders of the Lost Ark

For those of you who know what I do for a day job, it will come as no surprise that my career choice tends to at times consume much of my time. Nor will it surprise you that when I get home the last thing I want to do is go on the computer. And so that partially begins to explain where I’ve been and why there hasn’t been too much going on at for the last few weeks. A harsh winter and an old house that demands me paying attention to how much snow is outside to avoid minor things like– oh I don’t know having my propane regulator freeze so I loose hot water or having my water pump freeze so I lose all water tend to occupy your time.

With all that said, those of a keen eye may have noticed the Code Info page of our site keeps going up a tick or two everyday. Appearances can be deceiving and just because the main page isn’t changing it does not mean there is nothing “going” with the site. So this was the case with my latest endeavor that required much experimentation and playing with our underlying code.

This was all in an effect to make a quick recovery of my employer’s web site at The site is the web portal for my employer (WVT Communications) and homepage to many of our broadband Internet subscribers. Literally taking down that site is like turning off Google as far as our little web world goes in Warwick, NY. There was therefore a sense of urgency to restore the site when a slight mishap took down the existing (though arguably older) web engine.

It took me about 16 hours of straight time, but I managed to get the framework and branding done. There’s going to be a lot of grunt work needed by my associates at work to get the content filled in, but what you see before you is a CMS driven site that is Web 2.0 in look and feel. It has consistent branding and sensible layout. It loads in less than six seconds. It has a web search feature. Access to our various online portals (including web mail and bill pay) and content fed via RSS streams, as well as, mash up widgets. The result is a full featured basic launch point that is easy to navigate and yet feature filled. It loads well in any browser and depreciates when accessed by mobile device to speed up load times. Considering the time line (three days) and the budget (zero bucks) I am quite pleased with the accomplishment.

In so many ways this is a preview of what I had planned for before I was drawn to put out this fire first, but in so many ways it also helped me understand some new directions I wish to go in that will lend itself to better structure here. So yes while there has been no news– there is good news nevertheless. Stay tuned.


DF Pirate Radio – “Heartbreaking & Baby Making”

Title: Vol. 6 Episode 4 (Click link to play) Rel: 1/30/10
Description:Heartbreaking & Baby Making” – This episode may have arrived a few days late, but the theme is a few weeks early so it all balances out in the end (at least that’s what we tell ourselves so we can sleep better at night). Yes, it’s that time of the year again where we queue up some slow tunes about all things love from heartbreak to getting it on– we’ve got you covered in this Valentine’s Day mix that sure to set the mood. So dim the lights, pour some bubbly, and cuddle up close to your significant other (or pillow– if that’s how you roll). DJ digitalflood will be your tour guide as he takes you on a trip through his favorite acoustic love songs, R&B smooth grooves, crooner romance standards, power ballads, and smooth soul. There’s even a Rick Roll in the end that will warm your heart and get your libido going because God knows nothing turns on a woman like Rick Astley. At just over an hour this non-stop mix session is full of surprises. So if you’re ready for the soundtrack of love then click on the link and let the magic happen!

2010 Metal Challenge- Preview

Skinny Puppy - "Too Dark Park"

Skinny Puppy - "Too Dark Park"

Want to see an exclusive preview of my list? You got it brother man!

* 25 Ta Life – Strength Through Unity: The Spirt Remains (1997) Hardcore
* AC/DC – High Voltage (1976) – Classic
* A Perfect Circle – Mer De Norms (1999) – Goth
* Alice In Chains – Dirt (1992) – Alt. Metal
* Candiria – 300% Density (2001) – Hard Core
* Clutch – The Elephant Riders (1998) – Alt. Metal
* Deftones  – Adrenaline (1994) – Nu Metal
* Faith No More – The Real Thing (1989) – Alt. Metal
* Filter – Short Bus (1995) Industrial
* Garbage – Garbage (1995) Industrial Goth
* Godflesh – Songs of Love & Hate (1996) Industrial
* Guns N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy (2008) Hair Metal
* Helmet – Meantime (1992) Alt. Metal
* KMFDM – Symbols (aka Windings) (1997) Industrial
* Korn – Korn (1994) Nu Metal
* Lamb of God – Ashes of the Wake (2004) Metal Revival
* Linkin Park – Meteora (2003) Nu Metal
* Live – Throwing Copper (1994) Alt. Metal
* Living Color – Vivid (1998) Nu Metal
* Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar (1996) Industrial Goth
* Megadeth – Youthinasia (1994) Classic Metal
* Ministry – Rio Grande Blood (2006) Industrial
* Nine Inch Nails – The Downard Spiral (1994) Industrial
* Nirvana – In Utero (1994) Alt. Metal
* Nothingface – Pacifier (1997) Industrial
* Pearl Jam – Verses (1994) Alt. Metal
* Pig – Sinsation (1995) Industrial
* Rage Against The Machine – RATM (1992) Alt. Metal
* Rammstein – Sehnsucht (1997) Industrial
* Sister Machine Gun – Burn (1995) Industrial
* Skinny Puppy – Too Dark Park (1990) Industrial
* Slipknot – Volume Three (2004) Nu Metal/Industrial
* Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness (1995) Alt. Metal
* Snapcase – Progression Through Unlearning (1997) Hardcore
* Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger (1996) Alt. Metal
* The Mars Volta – Francis The Mute (2005) Metal Revival
* Toadies – Rubberneck (1995) Alt. Metal
* Tool – Undertow (1993) Alt. Metal
* Videodrone – Videodrone (1999) Industrial
* Vision of Disorder – From Bliss to Devastation (2001) Hardcore
* Weezer – Weezer (1994) Alt. Metal

Let me know what you think.


DF Pirate Radio – “The Dance Dance Resolution”

Title: Vol. 6 Episode 1 (Click link to play) Rel: 1/04/10
Description:The Dance Dance Resolution” – It’s the start of another year at digitalflood Pirate Radio and as we head into Volume 6 for 2010 there is no better way to start things off then to do it shaking our booties! This week DJ A.D.D. joins us once again to bring us the latest in popular Electronica from “across the pond”. DJ A.D.D. doesn’t let us down– he has compiled what is his most bad ass playlist of Dub Step, Jungle, Electro-synth, Drum n’ Bass, Garage and Grime styles to date. So go grab yourself a warm beer, some fish and chips, and God save the Queen if she hears this one. It’s time for a New Year’s resolution of a different kind: We promise to dance until we drop. Not even a trip to the ER and a severe case of stomach flu could stop DJ digitalflood from digging into this one. Yes, even medical emergencies didn’t curb his enthusiasm and stop him from digging into what is simply the best dance pop set to ever hit the decks of the Pirate Radio virtual turntables.

Special moments abound including the official world premier of DJ A.D.D.’s new project called “Soap Box Nation” and a special visit from DJ digitalflood’s two year old daughter, DJ Emma In The Playpen! It took some eight hours to make this session. Though only one was spent recording it and another two producing it. The other three hours were spent on the Internet drooling over electronic instruments and watching YouTube clips of DJs mixing sets with Yamaha Kaoss Pad KP3s. We also watched a two hour plus long DVD. Nevertheless, the beat of the force is strong with this one. If we don’t get your foot at least tapping we’re pretty sure your dead– consider heading right over to your local undertaker for embalming. Let’s get into it!


5 Degrees With A Chance Of Flurries

The Stoat-- DJ A.D.D. and I spent twenty minutes talking about it. No joke.

The Stoat-- DJ A.D.D. and I spent twenty minutes talking about it. No joke. It's like a small weasel on steroids drunk on its own power.

It right now is a balmy five degrees outside with 30 MPH winds and snowing fairly heavy. It’s been this way for about four days straight and it doesn’t seem like there’s any chance of it letting up any time soon. It’s this time of year where I basically don’t leave my house. I’m an admitted post-holiday shut in. My phantom illness didn’t help to motivate me to go anywhere over the last 48 hours. I’ve been better though since that night in the ER. I woke up yesterday sore, tired, and a little weak. Overall though I was no where as bad as the other night. Today I’m feeling absolutely fine (normal even), but I’m not pushing it too much.

Nevertheless, life goes on. I had DJ A.D.D. over last night. We basically spent 45 minutes recording “digitalflood Pirate Radio Volume 6 Episode 1” and another six hours messing around on the Internet, watching TV, going out to eat, and talking about the most random stuff you’d ever imagine (fifteenth minutes spent discussing the cost models and content delivery right to use licensing associated with variations in video subscriber models– I won’t even try to explain that in English, but it’s pretty nerdy stuff). We looked at God knows how many electronic musical instruments on the web and even watched the “Watchmen” DVD to cap the evening on a high note. Having said that, the episode came out very good. I’m going to work on post-production over the course of today and it should be out by tomorrow night (1/4/10) barring any unforeseen issues.

I was asked a whole bunch of times what my New Year’s Resolution for this year is and I’m going to divert to my story I put about this on Facebook so you can get a feeling of where I’m coming from this year:

I was randomly asked what my New Years Resolution was because that’s the kind of thing that happens this time of year. I responded without hesitation “To not smoke rock” and they replied “But you don’t smoke rock”. I then replied “Well then 2010 is success story for me already, now isn’t it?

As I pointed out to DJ A.D.D. just before recording this week’s Pirate Radio; any year where you start it in an ER is great year because it can only go uphill from there. And that my friends is how I predict 2010 to be. A year of onward and upward success.