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DJ digitalflood DJ digitalflood (Chris)
We’re lazy. So if you really want to read this guy’s story check out DJ Digitalflood’s Bio page. I mean, does the guy really need to have two pages describing him? I think not (mostly because there’s no way anyone can write that much about him). DJ digitalflood is the Host and Sound Engineer/Producer/DJ of Digitalflood Pirate Radio. He invented and runs DF.com. He likes chicken and beer. There. That’s all you need to know. Now move along.
Charles "Corky" Kelly Charles “Corky” Kelly
Corky is the Co-Host and Head Writer of Digitalflood Pirate Radio (beginning in Volume 7). Corky has performed as a disc jockey, MC and stand up comedian. He’s a proud Navy veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm and he is currently active in the American Legion. Corky works full time as a disc jockey and club manager. Corky is an avid hiker and walker having logged over 700 miles in two years. He’s a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and very community minded. Corky is fan of classic rock and has trained in Karate.
MC Mary MC Mary @ The Disco! (Mary)
MC Mary @ The Disco! is the past Co-Host and Music Director of Digitalflood Pirate Radio (Volumes 1-6). Mary is also one of the show’s past staff writers and is in charge of all things “scene”. Mary has been an MC for over four years and enjoys sports (including Tae Kwon Do and Lacrosse), as well as, music of all genres. Mary has gone under many different aliases on the show over the years including MC Mary @ The Discoteque’, MC Mary @ Something Something, and most recently M’Weezy. She graduated SUNY Orange in 2013 with a dual Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts and Physical Therapy Science. She is also a certified Martial Arts Master Instructor with fifth degree black belt and works at a local spa/resort.

DJ Digitalflood’s Chaos Crew

Chrissy Chrissy (The Wife)
Chrissy is the newest member of the Chaos Crew, joining the team in the 2008 season (Volume 4). Chrissy is the DF Pirate Radio’s Production Assistant. She makes sure everybody is all comfy, fed, and when needed reigns in DJ digitalflood when he becomes too ridiculous for anyone else to handle. Chrissy is into soap operas like the “OC”, “One Tree Hill”, and “90210”. She loves 80’s classic rock and modern pop music. Chrissy is a huge Lifetime Movie Channel fan. She is married to DJ digitalflood and they have a daughter together. Chrissy is a full time stay at home Mom and housewife. She is currently studying English Literature and working towards releasing her first full length novel, as well as, working on a large variety of short stories.
DJ Georgette @ The Disco DJ Georgette @ The Disco! (Gette)
DJ Georgette @ The Disco! is a Pirate Radio staple having appeared more times than any other guest host. That may have something to do with her being DJ digitalflood’s oldest daughter, but we think that is just a horrible rumor with no sustainable fact behind it (kidding). She first appeared on Pirate Radio at 5 years old and is now a teenager. Gette is a full time student. She likes writing her own original songs and singing along with YouTube karaoke videos. She loves art including drawing and also enjoys writing her own short stories.
DJ SlipK DJ SlipK (Pete)
DJ SlipK is a regular on digitalflood Pirate Radio and has guest hosted a whole bunch of times. DJ SlipK has been in the communications industry for over ten years including Web Site Design, Audio/Video Production, and Network Management. This includes producing his own audio web casts, as well as, a short film entitled “Metal Sandwich”. SlipK enjoys online role playing games, all things metal, good beer, and devouring a nice hot plate of chicken wings or chicken & waffles at 2 am. Pete works as an IT administrator for a telecommunications company full time.
Aeryn Heather Aeryn Heather (Erin)
Aeryn has guest hosted on Pirate Radio several times. Aeryn has also contributed several pieces of graphic art to the site. She is married to Andy and is an Insurance Call Center Rep by day. She has been involved with communications for several years including a stint as an Intern at a local FM rock station (WRRV) in Orange County, NY. She enjoys metal of all kinds, glitter, and art.
Andy Andy
Andy has appeared a bunch of Pirate Radio shows and probably said one thing, which probably wasn’t a full sentence. He’s more than the strong silent type though. Andy has been a firefighter, an IT Specialist for a Medical firm, and currently works for a large communications provider as Senior Technician on a nationwide Help Desk. Andy is a huge Eagles fan and is happily married to Aeryn.
Skow Skow From The East (Ryan)
Skow has appeared several times on Pirate Radio and also guest hosted a few times as well. Skow is a huge metal fan, but has a huge libary of CDs and MP3s spanning numerous genres. He often helps other Pirate Radio guest hosts find some of the rarer tunes that have spun on the show. Skow works full time as a civilian Aviation Tech in the US Air Force. Skow also contributes the voice of Macho Man Randy Savage to the show.
Shiva (aka Tripod) Shiva (Tripod)
Shiva the Cat was both the Welch family pet and a digitalflood Pirate Radio mainstay. Many of our guests met this three legged cat and were inspired by how it never held her back. She passed away in the April of 2009 of terminal lung cancer. Shiva was born sometime in 1999 (she was a stray so nobody knows her exact month of birth). You can hear her often referred to by radio guest during Pirate Radio shows as “Tripod”. She loved meeting new people and Pirate Radio recordings quickly became one of her favorite times to come meet those new people. She loved being petted and playing with toys. She loved hopping on the computer during radio show recordings as well. She was adopted by DJ digitalflood from a local animal shelter in 2000 and spent the rest of her life living with his family. Veterinarians were never sure if her partial right hind leg was the result of a birth defect or an injury, but it didn’t stop her from getting around at all. We miss you and love you Shiva… thank you for teaching us to never let minor disabilities hold us back from living life to its fullest.
Groucho The Cat Groucho (The Gritch)
Groucho the Cat is both the Welch family pet and the official digitalflood Pirate Radio mascot. He can sometimes be heard meowing in the background of Pirate Radio segments. He’s often yelled at for getting into trouble and attempting to “foil recordings” to further his plans of world domination. Other times he can be heard bouncing off the walls during segments and often has attacked the computer during recording. Groucho likes appearing on the df.com web site where he often spouts off about blowing things up or dares you to talk about his pink pirate hat. He’s bad ass like that. Groucho’s hobbies include eating, sleeping, and using the cat box. He loves tuna and his favorite band is Journey. Groucho wants to be an evil world dictator one day, but in the meantime until that pans out he spends the day licking himself.

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