DigitalFl00d – “Anyone But Me” (Single)

DigitalFl00d - "Anyone But Me" (Single)

If you wish hard enough… it will never come true.

Track Listing:

  1. Anyone But Me (02:47) – Vocals/lyrics, drum sequencing (done live on a Roland/Boss Dr-202), harmonica ( Hohner Marine Band 1896/20), sampling (modem tone and large crowd drone are free domain samples downloaded off the Internet; all others were created by the composer), and sound engineering: Chris Welch. All sounds sampled and mastered in Sonic Foundry Sound Forge. Song sequenced and engineered in Sonic Foundry Acid Music.

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Art Credits: The album graphic was originally a free domain clip art angel downloaded off the Internet. It was then colored, color separated, enhanced, and filtered through Adobe Photoshop 7 by Chris Welch.

Thank you to: As always, my wonderful family: My darling daughter – Gette (you are forever the center of my universe and the princess of my world), flAnnelm0m, my sister- Mary, my moron of a brother- Tom, and my two crazy cats (Shiva and Groucho). Respect to my crew: Daemon Immortalis, V The Slow Girl, Mermaid, Rock (and his server, Skyler and her insanse brother, BrokenReality, and the approximately other ten billion people on my Links Page. If you’re not mentioned by this point it’s not my fault I have such a short memory, but remember– it’s not whether you are mentioned or not; it’s how the love is shown to you when you need it. Special thanks to women for making men write sappy break up songs that are all too cliché. Finally, God you the man– err, entity.

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“The only true gift is a portion of yourself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

About This Album

Produced and released in 2003, “Anyone But Me” is a raw two track single. The album is purposely recorded in low fi and lends itself to a late 1960s feel production wise. The song is big on analog sampling, but the beat is a digital drum machine loop sequence being modified in real time to create a realistic flawed beat section effect. The single featured two encoding levels of the same song that shares the single’s title name of “Anyone But Me”. When the track was released in mid-2003 dial-up was still somewhat common and the concern was that jumping to the higher 192 Kb/s encoding rate would push away a portion of the audience. The decision therefore was made to release the album with a lower 128 Kb/s encoding level for those listeners. Other than audio quality, the two tracks absolutely are identical.

Cliff Notes

* Recorded direct to PC making the sounds go from analog to digital in real time.

* All samples were taken through a standard PC mic.

* The “tinging” sound is a child’s xylophone.

* You can hear Chris Welch’s two pet zebra finches (Colin and Allister) in the track background.

* Song is purposely over driven and sung out of tune to lend a “real pain” feel to the song.

* Recorded shortly after Chris Welch’s first marriage came to an end. The song isn’t about that experience however, it actually is about an earlier relationship that abruptly came to an end. The song was written years earlier.

* The two whispering sounds mid-track are actually being played in reverse. There was some speed up done to offset being able to easily flip them forward. The secret messages are actually “You left me here to die in the woods” and “now there is no going back”.

* The song was written down, memorized, and then recalled without the aide of the original writing when recorded. This makes the song somewhat different from the written lyrics that have been put on the site in the past.


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