DF Pirate Radio FAQ

What is Pirate Radio?

Digitalfl00d Pirate Radio is an hour long weekly Internet-cast featuring DJ Digitalfl00d (Chris Welch) and co-host MC Mary! @The Pirate Radio (Mary Welch). The format is a “no format format” where anything goes. Musical genres are blended with reckless abandon. The results are often surprising and always amusing. Each hour long show is in mp3 format and recommended software can be found to the right.

How often is a new show put online?

We used to post every Tuesday at Midnight weekly. Now we’re lazy and haven’t been doing that. Your best bet is to subscribe via RSS to our feed so it downloads automatically to your PC when we update. The RSS Feed link can be found in the left hand menu of any page on our site.

How do I get the show ?

To download show, right click on one of the show links found to the left of this text. Select “Save As…” from the dialog menu. You can then choose a spot on your computer to download the file to. Select “Save” to begin the download. Once downloaded, open your Media Player of choice. Drag and drop the file into the Media Player to listen to the show. The file is around 60MB big so download times will vary depending on your Internet connection speed.

Alternately, if you wish to not save the show on your hard drive, you can click on the link with your left mouse button and it will be streamed to you computer. This will save disk space on your computer, but you’ll have to come back to this web site every time you wish to listen to it. Plus when we pull it down you’ll lose access to it. It’s your choice though.

What MP3 Players Do You Recommend?

Our webcast will run on any standard media player capable of playing the MP3 format. The most popular media players that will work are:

DF Pirate Radio Cast List

The official who’s who cast list for Pirate Radio can be found right here for quick reference.