DF Pirate Radio – Cliffnotes (2007 Season)

Cliff Notes – 2007 Season

* There is only one episode for Volume 3. DJ Digitalflood came off his hiatus to let us know he was still alive and kicking in late November 2007. The show features no monologue and mainly focuses on mixing. It is arguably the best mixed DF Pirate Radio episodes to date.

* DF Pirate Radio no longer releases weekly, but does continue production though clearly not at the pace it used. DJ Digitalflood does continue to work on tracks nevertheless.

* This show was completely mixed real time on virtual turntables. Post-production was limited to minor audio inserts (sound clips and show jingles), as well as, audio clean up work. Otherwise the show is is completely real time as it would be heard if you sitting right there during production. The show was done in one take with no edits on the mixing.


DF Pirate Radio – “2007 Beat Feast”

Title: Vol. 3 Episode 1 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 11/21/07
Description: 2007 Beat Feast – Cut Like Crack [kuht lahyk krak] – noun : Style of disc jockeying where multiple samples are mixed with distorted, erratic, and appregated music. The style is distinct for for its very noticedable use of juxtaposition between silence and over driven bursts of noise, as well as, liberal tempo changes. Cut Like Crack was developed in Upstate New York and has become a popular form of re-working existing music pieces into one semi-unified long play composition. It is primarily used by locally popular disc jockeys who prefer to steal music from online file sharing services and release their compositions illegally via the Internet. Thus Cut Like Crack is considered less of an art form and more of illicit uses of other artists’ works. Cut Like Crack was developed as a way to represent the audible feeling of driving while under the influence of alcohol at over 100 MPH at night in search of a Chickenette or other fried poultry products. A practice, that stems from the underground youth culture of night life common to the metropolitan suburbs of New York and New Jersey.