DF Pirate Radio – “2 am Underground”

Title: Vol. 6 Episode 5 (Click link to play) Rel: 2/9/10
Description:2 am Underground” – There is a certain something to being in a dance club at 2 am in the morning. The best music plays. The craziest times happen. And there’s just some extra “stupid” in there air that makes it all that and a bag chips. This episode is dedicated to that moment and that feeling, which DJ digitalflood manages to somehow bottle, encode into an mp3, and upload to df.com for your listening pleasure. The result is pure underground dance club bliss. Total run time is just over an hour. The mix is laden with hip hop, trance, industrial, dance pop, and some surprises as wekk. All in DJ digitalflood’s pure “Cut Like Crack” mixing style. So turn down the lights. Break out some bubbly. Put on “Get Out” on HDNET with the sound down. Turn up your speakers and prepare to make your neighbors call into the police a noise violation complaint. It simply doesn’t get much better than this.

DF Pirate Radio – “Heartbreaking & Baby Making”

Title: Vol. 6 Episode 4 (Click link to play) Rel: 1/30/10
Description:Heartbreaking & Baby Making” – This episode may have arrived a few days late, but the theme is a few weeks early so it all balances out in the end (at least that’s what we tell ourselves so we can sleep better at night). Yes, it’s that time of the year again where we queue up some slow tunes about all things love from heartbreak to getting it on– we’ve got you covered in this Valentine’s Day mix that sure to set the mood. So dim the lights, pour some bubbly, and cuddle up close to your significant other (or pillow– if that’s how you roll). DJ digitalflood will be your tour guide as he takes you on a trip through his favorite acoustic love songs, R&B smooth grooves, crooner romance standards, power ballads, and smooth soul. There’s even a Rick Roll in the end that will warm your heart and get your libido going because God knows nothing turns on a woman like Rick Astley. At just over an hour this non-stop mix session is full of surprises. So if you’re ready for the soundtrack of love then click on the link and let the magic happen!

DF Pirate Radio – “The Worst of 2009”

Title: Vol. 6 Episode 2 (Click link to play) Rel: 1/12/10
Description:The Worst of 2009” – Every now and then we do a show to recap the worst songs of a given year. This happens to be one of those shows. This volume’s “Worst Of” episode we recap the absolute worst songs (and artists) of 2009. It’s the way we like to ring in the New Year– by maliciously tearing into every artist who released a lame track during the previous year. How brutal is the show? DJ digitalflood manages to within the first five minutes offend not only MC Mary @ The Di$co!, but his wife (Cee Money) as well. Things escalate from there. In the first ten minutes he offends several major religions, one or two racial groups, and possibly the human race in general. When the show takes a wrong turn at the “Beyonce Hovah” reference it’s all down hill from there.

The next thing you know rappers are hanging out with gender confused pop stars to crochet sweaters and proto-black artists who threaten to transform your face by beating it in are mixed into post-grunge crap rock. There’s some transgendered dance music, the most likely to OD movie stars list, and DJ digitalflood calling just about everyone in pop music a douche. MC Mary @ The Di$co announces her favorite birthday hobby to make things even more awkward (Hint: It’s not birthday Facebook messages). It should get better from there, but it doesn’t. There are several screaming matches and even MC Mary @ The Di$co insisting her name includes a money sign (hence the spelling for this week), but at the end of it all 2010 looks like it can only be better than 2009– all things considered though with a playlist like this there is no realistic way where it could be worse!

The show rings in the New Year at over two hours long and depending on your taste is a great mix to party to or a bunch of stuff to make you want to puke. Either way you’ll be entertained by some of the funniest arguments to date. How funny is the show? We suggest you don’t listen to it while drinking any beverage to avoid drowning– it is simply that hilarious.


DF Pirate Radio – “Oi Vai, This Ain’t Kosher!”

Title: Vol. 5 Episode 2 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 11/28/09
Description:Oi Vai, This Ain’t Kosher!” – After ten months on hiatus, digitalflood Pirate Radio returns to finish off the season (Volume 5) bringing their irrelevant, witty, and always original web cast back to the Internet. This episode kicks off that return with DJ digitalflood and special guest co-host Reverend Damian Baker. M’Weezy is off and busy with pursuing her Registered Nursing AS degree and with her not around the question quickly becomes– just how out of control will DJ digitalflood get without M’Weezy being around to reign him in? You’ll have to listen in to find out. You’ll also hear about the good Reverend’s recent change of religion, Halloween trick or treat tomfoolery, and get to listen to his latest off the wall playlist. It’s a heavily 70s funk and soul influenced mix, but there’s bits of nu metal and rap in there as well. The conversation does take some strange detours and you’ll end up knowing more about the good Reverend than you may have ever wanted to know to begin with, but one things for sure– you’re sure to laugh the hardest you have in a long time. Keep your ears tuned for the MLK Jr. bobble head reference. Classic!


DF Pirate Radio – “2009 Beat Feast”

Title: Vol. 5 Episode 1 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 1/6/09
Description: “The 2009 Annual Beat Feast” – Celebrate the New Year with a brand new live mix set by DJ digitalflood. 60 minutes of rock, rap, hip hop, and death metal (that’s not a typo). This annual mix gets released a bit late this year, but is well worth waiting for. With a new year upon us DJ digitalflood breaks out some new tricks to recreate some well known hits in his “Cut Like Crack” mixing style upping the ante in the art of DJing once again.