DF Pirate Radio – Cliffnotes (2005 Season)

Cliff Notes – 2005 Season

* DJ Digitalflood (aka Chris Welch) originally started his broadcast career with underground taped radio shows featuring himself and his brother recorded during the early 90s. Arguably it stands as one of the worst amateur radio shows of its time.

* DJ Digitalflood started his semi-professional career as a DJ while attending SUNY Orange between 1996 and 1999. During that time he appeared daily on WOCC Radio (530 AM Middletown, NY) under the moniker flAnnelmAn. His luncheon hour show was called “The flAnneljAm”.

* DJ Digitalflood became the Vice President of WOCC Radio in the Fall Semester of 1999. By the end of the semester the college administration had closed the radio station down citing inappropriate behavior and safety concerns. True story… unfortunately.

* In real life, MC Mary @ The Disco! is really DJ Digitalflood’s sister (though she may deny it when asked).

* Volume 1 and 2 were recorded in DJ Digitalflood’s bedroom while living at his Mom’s house.

* All voice takes with the exception of two incidents were recorded in one take. All were unedited in their final form.

* Groucho is really DJ Digitalflood’s cat. He really does attack the recording equipment several times over the course of Volume 1 and 2.

* Pirate Radio is recorded with the same computer and software listed in DJ Digitalflood’s Bio in a similar manner that Digitalflood music tracks are produced.

* Commonly with guests came their “posses”. This created ad hoc studio audiences of four or five other people during recording.

* DJ Digitalflood’s daughter in real life is Georgette @ The Disco. She was four years old during the recording of the Volume 1 season.

* Georgette @ The Disco does really bite DJ Digitalflood during Vol. 1 Episode 9.

* Contrary to popular belief MC Mary @ The Disco! was not truly “Robo-Tripping” during the Christmas Episode (Vol. 1 Episodes 11 and 12). She is a really good actor though.

* DJ SlipK recorded several episodes of his own web cast, which can still be found on the Net if you search hard enough.

* Volume 1 Episode 6 was one of a few times where DJ Digitalflood had four 16 year old girls in his bed… Before you call the police– he himself was not in the bed at any time. He was way across the room manning the recording equipment. It does make a great joke though. Gotcha!

* Jeff of course really did know he was on a Pirate Radio show (Vol. 1 Episode 5) and appears several times over the course of Volume 1 and 2 as Hulk Hogan.

* Macho Man Randy Savage is really voiced by Skow.

* Having a four year old around (DJ Georgette @ The Disco!) forced the radio team to rethink how it did its comedy. The result was more in the line of thought out jokes and resulted in some of the more complex humor.

* An average Pirate Radio show took two hours to record, but required about an hour of prep time along with an average of four hours of post-production to make a 60 minute show. The pre and post production work was performed solely by DJ Digitalflood.

* Shows were recorded 24 hours before their release date.

* At its peak in late 2005, Pirate Radio has close to 100 weekly listeners.


DF Pirate Radio – “The DJ That Stole Christmas”

Title: Vol. 1 Episode 11 (Click Link to Play)

Title: Vol. 1 Episode 12 (Click Link to Play)

Rel: 12/25/05
Description: Digitalflood Pirate Radio Christmas is sort of like Charlie Brown Christmas except it’s not wholesome… and there’s no runt pine tree. Also nobody gives the Jesus is born speech. Now that you mention it, it’s nothing like Charlie Brown. Nevermind, we were simply confused due to too much cough medicine. The theme is Gay vs. Emo Christmas– which is even more horrible. MC Mary @ The Disco does get really sick and end up crunk on cough medicine. There’s no moral in any of this. God, we’re horrible people.

DF Pirate Radio – “Rated NoPants”

Title: Vol. 1 Episode 10 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 12/19/05
Description: Morgan NoPants comes back to talk about surprise sex, drinking shots, and generally being bad. No Georgette @ The Disco = Rated R. This with even more Industrial and Punk Rock than should be consumed in an hour web cast results in a show that just by listening to it lowers your Purity Test Score by about 100 points. Bonus!

DF Pirate Radio – “Loud Noises”

Title: Vol. 1 Episode 9 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 12/12/05
Description: Everybody shows up for Digitalflood Pirate radio including Skow, DJ SlipK, Georgette @ The Disco, and God knows how many other random people in the background. DJ Digitalflood barely maintains any sort of order and things quickly fall into complete chaos. Line the episode with metal, shake, and hope it doesn’t blow up (which it does). If you can follow the show we’ll give you $5– there’s no way you can follow it. Need I remind you? COMPLETE CHAOS!

DF Pirate Radio – “Up In Smoke”

Title: Vol. 1 Episode 8 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 12/05/05
Description: When Skinner stops by things go up in smoke.. *ahem*… no pun intended. The good news is there is no butt sex at all in the episode. The even better news is there is a very weird mix of blues, punk, and rock resulting some of the most interesting blending DJ Digitalflood has ever had to do. There’s also lots of mindless banter filled with possibly some of the best one liners ever to come out of DF Pirate Radio. Classic.