DF Pirate Radio – “The Worst of 2014”

Title: Vol. 7 Episode  2 (Click link to play) Rel: 1/5/15
Description: “The Worst of 2014” – Another year is in the books. 2014 was a memorable and incredible year. It also happens to be a year full of a lot of horrible Pop Music. It is once again time for digitalflood Pirate Radio to run down the worst of the worst– yes, it’s our annual worst music countdown show. You might want to fast forward through the music and cut right to the talking. We won’t blame you if you do. Oh yes, some of these songs are Top 40 Hits. Some went gold and platinum. Some had millions of YouTube views. They are pretty horrible none the less. For even the most overplayed, over produced, and over blown hits can be truly horrible. DJ digitalflood and Corky provide you with keen insight into popular music trends, dissect the music industry, and throw in the occasional fart joke just to keep things real. What more do you need? Okay– Corky also let’s you discover who truly invented Crunk Hip Hop. The answer will completely blow your mind!

DF Pirate Radio – “Walking In A Winter Wonderland”

Title: Vol. 7 Episode 1 (Click link to play) Rel: 12/22/14
Description:Walking In A Winter Wonderland” – The Pirate Radio is back! After close to five years of waiting, DJ digitalflood returns to the Internet to stream some audio chaos just in time for the Holidays. DJ Charlie “Corky” Kelly comes aboard the Pirate Ship to help co-host so MC Mary @ The Disco! can focus on being an adult and such. Corky is also the this season’s first guest DJ. He has DJ digitalflood spin an eclectic mix of Rock & Roll spanning from the Classic Rock era all the way up into Modern Alternative Rock era. There’s even some Jazz thrown in for the heck of it. All providing the back drop for a tale about a walk from the bottom of life’s depth back up to the top. DJ Corky tells us how he learned to embrace positivity in everything he does. A bit of holiday cheer is thrown in to remind us of the reason for the Season and there’s even some MC Emma doing a Christmas song  that turns into a Pirate Radio sing-along. As DJ digitalflood always says, “Let’s get into it!”

DF Pirate Radio – Cliffnotes (2010 Season)

Cliff Notes – 2010 Season

  • In March 2010 DJ digitalflood went on an elongated hiatus after recording just five episodes for the year. He wanted to focus on his marriage, personal health (he ended up needing shoulder surgery to fix a shoulder dislocation in 2009 that would end of nagging him for well over a year), career, and children. It was a hard decision, but it was the right one to make. The hiatus after two years quickly became retirement from Pirate Radio– though nothing is ever over until it really is over.  😉
  • DJ digitalflood was also having a hard time getting other crew members to dedicate time the show– they too had a lot on their plate. The end result is that three of the five episodes are all music mix sessions.
  • At around 2 hours, Episode 2 (The Worst of 2009) was the longest ever single episode of Pirate Radio. Previously shows that rang in over 60 minutes were broken into two part episodes. With the advent of faster broadband and its ubiquitous availability, the time had come to break tradition and step in the last 2000’s. It would also turn out to be the last episode where you would hear anyone talk as the rest of the season was mix sessions.
  • Episode 4 (Heartbreaking & Baby Making) includes the ever popular “Rick Roll” that was all the rage at the time.
  • The last episode of the season, Episode 5 (2 am Underground) is regarded by DJ digitalflood as his best mix session ever. It would be the last gasp of Pirate Radio we would hear, but it was a Hell of a way to close out the show.

DF Pirate Radio – “2 am Underground”

Title: Vol. 6 Episode 5 (Click link to play) Rel: 2/9/10
Description:2 am Underground” – There is a certain something to being in a dance club at 2 am in the morning. The best music plays. The craziest times happen. And there’s just some extra “stupid” in there air that makes it all that and a bag chips. This episode is dedicated to that moment and that feeling, which DJ digitalflood manages to somehow bottle, encode into an mp3, and upload to df.com for your listening pleasure. The result is pure underground dance club bliss. Total run time is just over an hour. The mix is laden with hip hop, trance, industrial, dance pop, and some surprises as wekk. All in DJ digitalflood’s pure “Cut Like Crack” mixing style. So turn down the lights. Break out some bubbly. Put on “Get Out” on HDNET with the sound down. Turn up your speakers and prepare to make your neighbors call into the police a noise violation complaint. It simply doesn’t get much better than this.

DF Pirate Radio – “Heartbreaking & Baby Making”

Title: Vol. 6 Episode 4 (Click link to play) Rel: 1/30/10
Description:Heartbreaking & Baby Making” – This episode may have arrived a few days late, but the theme is a few weeks early so it all balances out in the end (at least that’s what we tell ourselves so we can sleep better at night). Yes, it’s that time of the year again where we queue up some slow tunes about all things love from heartbreak to getting it on– we’ve got you covered in this Valentine’s Day mix that sure to set the mood. So dim the lights, pour some bubbly, and cuddle up close to your significant other (or pillow– if that’s how you roll). DJ digitalflood will be your tour guide as he takes you on a trip through his favorite acoustic love songs, R&B smooth grooves, crooner romance standards, power ballads, and smooth soul. There’s even a Rick Roll in the end that will warm your heart and get your libido going because God knows nothing turns on a woman like Rick Astley. At just over an hour this non-stop mix session is full of surprises. So if you’re ready for the soundtrack of love then click on the link and let the magic happen!