DF Pirate Radio – “The Worst of 2009”

Title: Vol. 6 Episode 2 (Click link to play) Rel: 1/12/10
Description:The Worst of 2009” – Every now and then we do a show to recap the worst songs of a given year. This happens to be one of those shows. This volume’s “Worst Of” episode we recap the absolute worst songs (and artists) of 2009. It’s the way we like to ring in the New Year– by maliciously tearing into every artist who released a lame track during the previous year. How brutal is the show? DJ digitalflood manages to within the first five minutes offend not only MC Mary @ The Di$co!, but his wife (Cee Money) as well. Things escalate from there. In the first ten minutes he offends several major religions, one or two racial groups, and possibly the human race in general. When the show takes a wrong turn at the “Beyonce Hovah” reference it’s all down hill from there.

The next thing you know rappers are hanging out with gender confused pop stars to crochet sweaters and proto-black artists who threaten to transform your face by beating it in are mixed into post-grunge crap rock. There’s some transgendered dance music, the most likely to OD movie stars list, and DJ digitalflood calling just about everyone in pop music a douche. MC Mary @ The Di$co announces her favorite birthday hobby to make things even more awkward (Hint: It’s not birthday Facebook messages). It should get better from there, but it doesn’t. There are several screaming matches and even MC Mary @ The Di$co insisting her name includes a money sign (hence the spelling for this week), but at the end of it all 2010 looks like it can only be better than 2009– all things considered though with a playlist like this there is no realistic way where it could be worse!

The show rings in the New Year at over two hours long and depending on your taste is a great mix to party to or a bunch of stuff to make you want to puke. Either way you’ll be entertained by some of the funniest arguments to date. How funny is the show? We suggest you don’t listen to it while drinking any beverage to avoid drowning– it is simply that hilarious.


Next DF Pirate Radio – 1/12/10

Times Square in NYC back in 2006 - We don't plan on having this many people around for our version of the event.

Times Square in NYC back in 2006 - Needless to say, we don't plan on having this many people around for our version of the event. Four people is about all my house can hold before breathing becomes a problem.

We’ve finally got around to scheduling the recording of “digitalflood Pirate Radio Vol. 6 Episode 2”. That recording will take place this evening and production will follow shortly thereafter. Expect the show to be released the evening of Tuesday January 12, 2010. This will be our New Year’s 2010 show and we’ll be doing our annual “Top Ten Worst Songs/Artists” for the year of 2009. It’s always a blast (check the previous New Year’s show from 2006 to get an idea on how this works). MC Mary @ The Disco! will be on; as will Chrissy. Wait until you hear who got picked this year. You may want to listen with a puke bucket nearby– just in case.

I think I finally figured out the logistics of how we’re going to run “The 2010 digitalflood Metal Challenge” as far as voting goes. I’ll probably use the polls feature on df.com and break down each race by sub-genre. The sub-genre winners will go on to to battle each other in another poll and so on. Ultimately the whole thing will accumulate in one winner. It’s going to absolutely rock so I hope you’ll be sure to vote. We’re still taking applications for judges, so if you want in on picking the candidates be sure to drop me a line ASAP. You can do so either using the comments of df.com or though any one of the many social networks we are on. Once all the candidates are in that is it– the line up is picked and voting begins. We’re going to ideally kick off the contest no later than 2/1/10 so time is of the essence if you want to add your choices to the list as they say.

Finally, we’re still taking guests for DF Pirate Radio Volume 6 and I’ve added a new way we can record the whole deal. I’ve setup a Skype account (djdigitalflood) and plan on using that for guests all too lazy to venture out. I’m also going to be experimenting with remote on site shows recorded with my Zen IV MP3 player, which has built in recording features. Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing where we’ll be recording (hint: somebody is about to turn twenty one years old who is pretty frequent on our show… yeah… that one). This will bring a whole new twist to Pirate Radio. Another surprise from df.com and one I know you’ll enjoy.


DF Pirate Radio – “The Dance Dance Resolution”

Title: Vol. 6 Episode 1 (Click link to play) Rel: 1/04/10
Description:The Dance Dance Resolution” – It’s the start of another year at digitalflood Pirate Radio and as we head into Volume 6 for 2010 there is no better way to start things off then to do it shaking our booties! This week DJ A.D.D. joins us once again to bring us the latest in popular Electronica from “across the pond”. DJ A.D.D. doesn’t let us down– he has compiled what is his most bad ass playlist of Dub Step, Jungle, Electro-synth, Drum n’ Bass, Garage and Grime styles to date. So go grab yourself a warm beer, some fish and chips, and God save the Queen if she hears this one. It’s time for a New Year’s resolution of a different kind: We promise to dance until we drop. Not even a trip to the ER and a severe case of stomach flu could stop DJ digitalflood from digging into this one. Yes, even medical emergencies didn’t curb his enthusiasm and stop him from digging into what is simply the best dance pop set to ever hit the decks of the Pirate Radio virtual turntables.

Special moments abound including the official world premier of DJ A.D.D.’s new project called “Soap Box Nation” and a special visit from DJ digitalflood’s two year old daughter, DJ Emma In The Playpen! It took some eight hours to make this session. Though only one was spent recording it and another two producing it. The other three hours were spent on the Internet drooling over electronic instruments and watching YouTube clips of DJs mixing sets with Yamaha Kaoss Pad KP3s. We also watched a two hour plus long DVD. Nevertheless, the beat of the force is strong with this one. If we don’t get your foot at least tapping we’re pretty sure your dead– consider heading right over to your local undertaker for embalming. Let’s get into it!


5 Degrees With A Chance Of Flurries

The Stoat-- DJ A.D.D. and I spent twenty minutes talking about it. No joke.

The Stoat-- DJ A.D.D. and I spent twenty minutes talking about it. No joke. It's like a small weasel on steroids drunk on its own power.

It right now is a balmy five degrees outside with 30 MPH winds and snowing fairly heavy. It’s been this way for about four days straight and it doesn’t seem like there’s any chance of it letting up any time soon. It’s this time of year where I basically don’t leave my house. I’m an admitted post-holiday shut in. My phantom illness didn’t help to motivate me to go anywhere over the last 48 hours. I’ve been better though since that night in the ER. I woke up yesterday sore, tired, and a little weak. Overall though I was no where as bad as the other night. Today I’m feeling absolutely fine (normal even), but I’m not pushing it too much.

Nevertheless, life goes on. I had DJ A.D.D. over last night. We basically spent 45 minutes recording “digitalflood Pirate Radio Volume 6 Episode 1” and another six hours messing around on the Internet, watching TV, going out to eat, and talking about the most random stuff you’d ever imagine (fifteenth minutes spent discussing the cost models and content delivery right to use licensing associated with variations in video subscriber models– I won’t even try to explain that in English, but it’s pretty nerdy stuff). We looked at God knows how many electronic musical instruments on the web and even watched the “Watchmen” DVD to cap the evening on a high note. Having said that, the episode came out very good. I’m going to work on post-production over the course of today and it should be out by tomorrow night (1/4/10) barring any unforeseen issues.

I was asked a whole bunch of times what my New Year’s Resolution for this year is and I’m going to divert to my story I put about this on Facebook so you can get a feeling of where I’m coming from this year:

I was randomly asked what my New Years Resolution was because that’s the kind of thing that happens this time of year. I responded without hesitation “To not smoke rock” and they replied “But you don’t smoke rock”. I then replied “Well then 2010 is success story for me already, now isn’t it?

As I pointed out to DJ A.D.D. just before recording this week’s Pirate Radio; any year where you start it in an ER is great year because it can only go uphill from there. And that my friends is how I predict 2010 to be. A year of onward and upward success.


Merry Christmas!

digitalflood Christmas 2009 Greeting

Best Wishes for a Joyous Holiday from df.com!

As I’m going to busy with this thing we call Christmas tomorrow, I’d like to send you an early greeting this evening for the holiday season. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, a Happy Hanukkah, a Wonderful Kwanzaa, and a very Merry Christmas, as well as, a great New Year. As always, we appreciate your viewership, your continued patronage, and all of your support throughout the year.

It has been a stellar year for digitalflood.com. We launched a new site. We launched a new season of Pirate Radio. We turned out some top notch graphic art and even documented my recovery from shoulder surgery. All in all, it has been one of success and we owe it all you the viewer. Thank you for following us. We look forward to entertaining you throughout 2010.

May your holidays be filled with joy, friendship, family, and moments to remember. And with that– let’s break out the egg nog and celebrate!