Snow Delay

Unicorn in Captivity

Oh look it's a Medieval painting of unicorn. That completely makes sense for this article-- or not.

This week’s episode of digitalflood Pirate Radio (“Volume 6 Episode 6″ ) was held up by a number of things including two blizzards and trying to catch up on my day job after a long weekend. The result is I’m pushing the episode back until probably next week for release. I’ll post when it looks like we’re going to get back on target. MC Mary @ The Disco! also couldn’t show up because of the snow to further complicate things and that too is delaying her inevitable return.

I’ve been working on another web site for a client of ours at work that is coming along rather well. As soon as we get out of the Alpha testing and into Beta I’ll give you a glimpse at that. The client still has to sign off on the work and until I have their okay I have to keep it under wraps, but I’m fairly impressed at even the early work. All that production work will certainly aid me as I begun rethinking itself over the course of Summer Hiatus. Development went so well, in fact, that I’m thinking of pushing up Version 12 of this site to late Spring 2010. Again, I’ll post when we get closer; but my feeling is that with minimal work I can migrate the site over to what I believe is the new layout framework within a matter of two or three days.

I’m also working on a new feature weekly article now that I’m done with my shoulder surgery recovery. The new article series will be a bit lighter in nature, but I think many of you will enjoy it never the less.


Me Verses I

You may have noticed that “digitalflood Pirate Radio Volume 6 Episode 5” isn’t out yet. That’s because this week has been the absolute week from Hell at work. I’ve come home every night completely tired and there is no way I was digging into mixing it. So, I’m taking this week off. I’ll be back next week with this episode and from there get things back on track, but for this week– yeah I need some quite time to relax. I’m sure you understand. The next episode will be out on 2/9/10.


Pirate Radio? Oh yeah, we do that!

The Cyclades Mill in Greece

Oh look... it's the Cyclades Mill in Greece, which I'm sure will come in handy to know about. Or not.

The biggest question on your mind has to be “When is digitalflood Pirate Radio Volume 6 Episode 5 going to be out?” I know it is. And even if it isn’t– I’m in denial and ergo it is. So there. The answer is probably tomorrow night. The live session is all recorded. It’s just got to be put through post-production and I have to be honest with you– there isn’t much needed. I’m either getting better at live mixing or getting less daring about doing stupid things while mixing. Maybe a bit of both. Either way, this one came together pretty fast. Without giving away too much about the show I’m pretty sure you’ll dig it (or at least 99% of you will… which is close enough for me).

Other than that I’ve just been so plain busy at work (a.k.a. my real job) there really hasn’t been much else going on. So it’s not that isn’t happening– it’s just happening slower because I have some other pending priorities, which are as follows:

  1. Being able to pay bills.
  2. Being able to afford food.
  3. Being able to pay rent.
  4. Being able to not die because the aforementioned needs are being met.

Fortunately I have been able to sneak family time in there so the wife and kids aren’t being neglected. No offense, but if it comes down to posting a blog or spending time with my daughters and wife– well the post isn’t happening. I’m sure you understand and I sure as Hell hope instead of checking out you’d rather spend time with your family… or not… *ahem*… awkward!


Vol. 6 Ep. 3 Rescheduled to Tomorrow

Due to some production delays I’ve pushed back the release of “digitalflood Pirate Radio Volume 6 Episode 3″until tomorrow night (1/20/10). I’m just over 30% into post production and there should be no issue getting it out by then. Sorry about that.


Next DF Pirate Radio – 1/12/10

Times Square in NYC back in 2006 - We don't plan on having this many people around for our version of the event.

Times Square in NYC back in 2006 - Needless to say, we don't plan on having this many people around for our version of the event. Four people is about all my house can hold before breathing becomes a problem.

We’ve finally got around to scheduling the recording of “digitalflood Pirate Radio Vol. 6 Episode 2”. That recording will take place this evening and production will follow shortly thereafter. Expect the show to be released the evening of Tuesday January 12, 2010. This will be our New Year’s 2010 show and we’ll be doing our annual “Top Ten Worst Songs/Artists” for the year of 2009. It’s always a blast (check the previous New Year’s show from 2006 to get an idea on how this works). MC Mary @ The Disco! will be on; as will Chrissy. Wait until you hear who got picked this year. You may want to listen with a puke bucket nearby– just in case.

I think I finally figured out the logistics of how we’re going to run “The 2010 digitalflood Metal Challenge” as far as voting goes. I’ll probably use the polls feature on and break down each race by sub-genre. The sub-genre winners will go on to to battle each other in another poll and so on. Ultimately the whole thing will accumulate in one winner. It’s going to absolutely rock so I hope you’ll be sure to vote. We’re still taking applications for judges, so if you want in on picking the candidates be sure to drop me a line ASAP. You can do so either using the comments of or though any one of the many social networks we are on. Once all the candidates are in that is it– the line up is picked and voting begins. We’re going to ideally kick off the contest no later than 2/1/10 so time is of the essence if you want to add your choices to the list as they say.

Finally, we’re still taking guests for DF Pirate Radio Volume 6 and I’ve added a new way we can record the whole deal. I’ve setup a Skype account (djdigitalflood) and plan on using that for guests all too lazy to venture out. I’m also going to be experimenting with remote on site shows recorded with my Zen IV MP3 player, which has built in recording features. Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing where we’ll be recording (hint: somebody is about to turn twenty one years old who is pretty frequent on our show… yeah… that one). This will bring a whole new twist to Pirate Radio. Another surprise from and one I know you’ll enjoy.