Come Celebrate MC Mary’s Birthday With Us!

MC Mary @ The Disco's 21st Birthday Party

MC Mary @ The Disco's 21st Birthday Party - Come join us and be sure to buy her a drink!

In the proud line of digitalflood Parties, we proudly present our latest reason to drink, party, and be merry (with Mary might I add). Yes, MC Mary @ The Disco! is turning twenty one years old. That can only mean one thing: it’s time to throw a ridiculous party in her honor.

Here’s the info:

WHERE: GW’s Bar & Grill (Chester, NY)
WHEN: January 17, 2010 (Sunday)
WHAT TIME: 9 pm EST to 12 am EST

You must be twenty one years old to both enter and drink. Cover charges may apply. We reserve the right to eject anyone who acts like a douche (so don’t be that guy or girl please). Drinks are available at the full cash bar (as is food). A cover charge may apply (that’s up to the bar owner– not us) so bring some cash to cover that just in case.

It will be a great time for all. There will be tons of people, lots of good music (on the fully loaded digital jukebox), and enough embarrassing moments to make Bill Clinton blush.

Come join us for “Absolut Pimping @ The Disco!”. All I ask is that you kindly buy MC Mary a drink. To make things sweeter, I will be recording an on site digitalflood Pirate Radio that will be released later in the week (please keep in mind this may take me sometime to produce as I do have to recover from all this mayhem). If you need more info drop me a line and I’ll fill any gaps in for you. Hope you turn out and remember– drink responsibility. There is a hotel across the street (Holiday Inn Express) if you need a place to crash. It’s worth avoiding the DWI!


Get Crunk In Dis Piece

DF Pirate Radio is 100% back in effect. This week, MC Mary @ The Disco! returns to the show and needless to say things get hilarious. My wife, Chrissy, guest stars this week as well and picked all the music. The “Scene Clip of The Week” even returns. All is good in the world again… or is it? Hop over to the Pirate Radio Webcasts section and download Volume 4 Episode 2 to find out about MC Mary’s shocking life changing decision.


Pirate Radio Cast Page

finally finished off the Pirate Radio section. The most recent addition being the new Cast and Guests pages. You can find every person who has ever appeared on Pirate Radio and then some. In some semi-related news, I’ve spoken with MC Mary @ The Disco! and she’s stoked about starting the show back up. Things are still firming up planning wise, but be sure to stayed tuned as we head into a new season. Expect a launch date to be announced sooner than later.


DF Pirate Radio – “La Fiesta de Georgette”

Title: Vol. 2 Episode 10 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 03/06/06
Description: Another Fiesta Mix– this time it’s Georgette @ The Disco’s fifth birthday. She gets to choose all the tracks. Mary @ The Disco! becomes Mary @ The Bibliotheca and leaves the Disco behind forever. DJ Digitalflood is forced to mix some of the worst music ever. You may just want to fast forward to the monologues and pretend this episode is a talk show. Pure Pop pain. Word.

DF Pirate Radio – “The NJ Invasion (Part I)”

Title: Vol. 2 Episode 8 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 02/20/06
Description: DJ Congo Jane takes over. Skow, SlipK, and Georgette @ The Disco! are also along for the ride. The crew solicits weirdos to stalk them though Skow warns you if you show up at his house at 3 am he will kindly greet you with his baseball bat. Skow is dubbed “Silly Bunny Rabbit” by Georgette @ The Disco! SlipK gets the intresting title of “Angry Beaver” as well. Everybody is happy to learn the Internet is hard. Better bring a manual and some self help tapes. You’ll need them. There will be a test. MC Mary @ The Disco becomes a street fighter and tells her ER story. DJ Digitalflood does that mixing thing.