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Who are these clowns?

Who are these clowns?

DJ digitalflood endorses the following web sites proudly. Some are associates, some are past collaborators– more importantly all are good friends who he is proud to recommend.

  • DJ A.D.D. – DJ A.D.D. is a good friend and has appeared multiple times on digitalflood Pirate Radio as a guest host, as well as, as a guest DJ. He’s really into the whole Euro Grime thing and comes through with original sounding progressive club mixes that are impressive to say the least. Be sure to check him out.
  • Devairia – Pirate Radio guest host Jeff is the guitarist in this progressive metal rock band. Incredible sound. Completely original. Nothing short of ground breaking. Check their stuff out.
  • Mervernation – Mervernator is one of the finest trance and techno DJs I know of. He also has one of the oldest (if not the oldest) blogs I know of as well. Be sure to check out his mixes. Top notch. His live drum and bass work is amazing!
  • Broken Reality – Hands down, best graphic artist ever. Check out his art work. It will blow you away.
  • To The Metal – Again, one of the oldest blogs I know of. Highly entertaining and always straight to the point.
  • Rock Fantasy – Orange County, New York’s premiere Rock n’ Roll merchant for DVDs, CDs, and merchandise. From Heavy Metal to Classic Rock, they’ve got you covered. Also specializing in video games, posters, and wrestling merchandise.
  • Mark Sly – A master guitarist, Berklee Graduate, and an accomplished musician; Mark Sly has a number of guitar tutorial DVDs for musicians of all levels and styles.
  • J.O.B.A.N. – J.O.B.A.N. and I go back a long way. I met him back in the mid-90s. He’s one of the best local rappers in OCNY. You definitely want to give him a listen.
  • Safe As Houses – My friend Jon was a member of this now defunct indie band. I would rate them as simply the best band who could have made it on a major label, but decided to grow up and get real jobs instead. Incredible stuff.
  • Casket Architects – They describe themselves as “Sci Fi Punk”. I think they’re just downright innovative and very accessible for what boils down to noise rock on steroids.
  • J Diddy – J Diddy is one of my oldest friends and into technology as well. He’s currently working on his blog so please forgive his page’s appearance while he tidies things up.
  • Bill Perry Blues Band – Bill died a few years ago of a sudden unexpected heart attack… I can’t help, but vividly picture him playing on some intimate club stage and dazzling me with his pure musical skills just at the mere mention of his name. He was one of those raw, rare, and completely endlessly gifted musicians that the world doesn’t quite recognize until it’s too late. We miss you brother man.
  • Jimmy Sturr – The 18 time Grammy award winning Polka king? Hells yeah! Jimmy puts on a top notch show no matter how you feel about Polish folk music (and guess what– being a Pollack myself I love it, so there).
  • Pictures In Braille – Their drummer Mike is a friend of mine, but aside from that link I think they’re notable for both their talent and their ambition. Great band. Great tunes.
  • Project Maxim – BrokenReality’s multimedia art project. Similar to, but more focused on printed works (poetry, prose, graphic art, photography, etc…). Lots of great artwork and contributors.
  • Right On Red – Local rock band who recently regrouped. I’m friends with their signer Tom Chianelli. They put on great bar style rock and roll shows.
  • Deep Chemistry – My friend Zeb is in this groove and funk based band that really knows how to get a crowd moving on its feet. Absolutely wonderful music from a great group of musicians.
  • RR Anarchy – Jay may have very well invented the concept of the blog well before there was such a thing. He long ago in the late 90s coined the term “Everything Nothing” site, which in turn evolved into everything we know as a blog. He stopped blogging for awhile, but recently got back into the swing of things after a several year hiatus. Great stuff– still so very random and true.
  • Everwar – I’ve known Jeremy (the guitarist in the band) for a number of years. He’s a great guy and his band Everwear absolutely rocks. Great classic sounding metal with no cheesiness to it. It may be an understatement, but they rock hard.
  • I Can’t Get Enough of Me – Damian (aka Reverend Baker) and I went to college together where we were both radio DJs on the college’s radio station. Damian has also co-hosted several episodes of DF Pirate Radio with me. We go back a long way. His blog is full of humor, insight, every day challenges and general truths worth checking out. He’s quite witty.
  • Michael Jones Photography – Michael Jones’ work is nothing short of breathtaking. He’s a brilliant photographer and all around nice guy. You can buy his prints online and made to order work is always welcome. Give him a ring if you’re in the Metro New York State area and looking for a great photographer.

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