Hold The Auto-Tune

Just because you are the best known hawker of all things “Auto-Tune” does not mean you necessarily need the auto-tune. Maybe you’re just looking for a gimmick. Just maybe. Well played Mr. T-Pain. Well played.


DF Pick – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Every now and then you hear something on the radio that blows you away. Not that “wow” effect, but maybe a little more. It’s maybe because the sound isn’t something you expect. Or maybe it’s just straight out different. Maybe it’s both. And yet maybe there is this familiar old school feel to the whole thing. That’s how I describe the moment I heard Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats. Their catchy “S.O.B.” tune is somewhat infectious. Give it a spin and be ready to be hooked in. One part soul, one part folk, and like five parts insane– there it is, your DF.com Pick of the Week.


Random Housekeeping

“Maid to Order “- It was a fairly horrible 80s movie, but hey… I needed a pun here.

What do you do once you get something working after days of toiling away? Break it worse! I embarked on a mission to add some new stuff. The first is  mostly “housekeeping” and catching up on some stuff:

I also deployed a new “content delivery network” application (or CDN for short), which in English means “I’m trying to make the site go faster” but as that application rolled out across the web you might have noticed broken stuff over the course of today. Things should settle out by tomorrow and be back to normal as that CDN app finishes being “known” by all the various Internet providers.

As the CDN does catch up though you’ll notice the site is much faster and will be more stable… or at least that’s the plan.


Moving On Up

Moving On Up Just Like George Jefferson!

Moving On Up Just Like George Jefferson!

About a week ago I put a post up that ended up completely failing. Ironically that post announced the new and ready for production df.com. Shortly thereafter I discovered that df.com was not stable at all. In fact it was pretty badly broken. It took me about twenty four hours to get my head around all that was wrong, correct it, and to then let things “burn in” so that I knew for sure all was good.

I went back the next day and it was broken even worse. Flash forward to today and I finally worked out all the bugs after much screaming, cursing, and the occasional throwing of stuff.

So here we are, on the new df.com server with all the content finally working the way it is supposed to. Of course if you do notice anything broken feel free to contact me and let me know what you found. I’ll promptly ignore it and go back to crying in self pity.

The new server is set to scale and support our future ambitions. DF Pirate Radio will be back on the air in the coming weeks. We have a lot of different things we are working on. This new server platform will support df.com as it scales and grows. That is a good thing.

It is time my friend to move up to the East side. To an apartment in the sky. Unfortunately I still can’t afford the maid, but Groucho says he’ll dust every now and then as long as I change his litter box– so we’re all good in the end. Meow.