Moment of Silence for Sandy Hook

As mentioned in my last post, this morning between 9:30a and 9:35a EST paused for a moment of silence in recognition and solidarity with the victims, families, and Newton CT community members affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Thank you to everybody who gave donations during this worldwide event and to all those who observed the moment at work, school, or home. Your support is appreciated. - A Moment of Silence for Sandy Hook – A Moment of Silence for Sandy Hook

Share Goes Silent for Sandy Hook

Newtown CT - We will stand with your during this tragedy now & forever.

Newtown CT – We will stand with your during this tragedy now & forever.

On Friday December 21, 2012 will be joining with other web sites world wide in going “silent” for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School (in Newtown, CT) shooting.

If you wish to find out how to take your web site silent please go to this site.

Regardless of political views or affiliations, we have all been horrified and saddened by the event. My prayers and thoughts go out to all the victims, families, friends, and Newtown community members who are dealing with this tragedy.

This moment of silence is my small way of showing support and solidarity with all these aforementioned people. Please give what you can no matter how small. Thank you in advance for your compassion and kindness.


Hip Hop Heads Up: DJ Enferno

DJ Enferno

DJ Enferno

Props to DJ Tech Tools for pointing out the below rather amazing performance by rising turntablist DJ Enferno.

Many of my friends ask me about the concept of DJ as a live artist and I’m quick to point out one of the many DJs who are taking “push and play” performances in a whole new direction that includes live production work, original instrumentals, and true musical skills instead of simply playing a recording with little to no skill required.

DJ Enferno is definitely an example I would use to quantify what the new breed of DJ looks like. Note his live keyboard riffs and beat making. All while mixing and scratching on his virtual vinyl. Yes– we call that impressive. Enferno is sampling (among other things) as his core track Kayne West’s “Clique”. The original version of that track can be found here for comparison purposes.

If you haven’t checked out DJ Tech Tools before and enjoy all things DJ in nature then you probably should get right on that. Great content. Great tips. Nice gear in their store too.


Repeal Day Ramblings

The Daily Mirror News' infamous headline declaring an end to Prohibition.

The Daily Mirror News’ infamous headline declaring an end to Prohibition.

Today is the seventy-ninth anniversary of Repeal Day, the unofficial title given to the day when the twenty-first Amendment of the US Constitution was ratified. The twenty-first Amendment (for the record) is the one that allowed people to both sell and consume alcoholic beverages legally. CNN Eatocrocy has a great article about the day including the lead up to how Prohibition (the era where it was illegal to sell or purchase alcohol in the US) came to be and ultimately end.

Most US state mandated school curriculum requires its students to be taught the Constitution in its entirety,  as well as, specifically focus on each Amendment. It comes with little surprise we spent little if any time on number twenty-one back when I was in public school. The argument could be made that the Amendment cemented the right to consume alcohol as a personal choice for an adult, an ideal that had up until the prior decade been an accepted part of social and personal society.

There is all sorts of ideological parallels that can be sought today from the upfront medical marijuana argument to excessively conservative Blue Laws that continue to prohibit or limit consumption. The whole personal choice argument can be made about many things we are or are not allowed to do legally with ease.

A police raid confiscating illegal alcohol, in Elk Lake, Canada, in 1925.

A police raid confiscating illegal alcohol, in Elk Lake, Canada, in 1925.

Prohibition came out of a time of return to Conservative ideology and was backed by the Religious Right who saw alcohol consumption as a sin. They choose to ignore Jesus’s liberal consumption of wine in the Bible and picked what they saw as more important passages to focus on. CNN Belief Blog ran a great article on how easy it is to call something “biblical” by picking and choosing passages to prove a point a few week back. It’s worth a read as well. I’m sure more parallels could be drawn, but that is neither for here or there.

I have long enjoyed beer and recently decided to abstain from alcohol. I was far from an alcoholic, but my concerns of becoming more physically fit lead me to understand how the calories associated with my routine was prohibiting my loss of weigh. Ironically enough that all started about a month ago. I thus have spent a month in self imposed Prohibition.

I can tell you I have lost fifteen pounds to date. I feel overall much better and healthier. That has less to do with not drinking (because I was being responsible so my issue is obesity and not alcohol), but more to do with overall increased physical activity, as well as, better food consumption choices. I’m sure with time moderate alcohol will be fine, but for now dry is the way to be until I meet my weight goal.

So for those of you who can legally buy a beer feel free to do so in my honor and toast to Repeal Day– I’ll make do with some seltzer and a brisk walk. Call it a personal choice, but not biblical behavior.  ;-)


Hip Hop Heads Up – Chamillionaire “Show Love”

Chamillionaire feat. DA - "Show Love"

Chamillionaire feat. DA – “Show Love”

I have been a huge fan of Chamillionaire since before the “Riding Dirty” days and in general it’s no secret I’m a big fan of the whole Houston “chopped and screwed” DJ scene, but I have to give huge credit to Cham for sticking with his original style, as well as, refusing to sell out.

Cham has spent a lot of time and effort working on his latest album. To the point he dropped off a major label in order to stay true to his vision and sound. He’s been a forefront leader at getting his music out through social media, a strong web presence, and a grass roots support base of dedicated fans.

With work ethic and artistic integrity it is only appropriate that I show some love (no pun intended) for his new video for “Show Love”, which is a lead up marketing effort to his new album. Be sure to check it out:

You can follow all things Cham at his official web site: