DF Pirate Radio – “Oi Vai, This Ain’t Kosher!”

Title: Vol. 5 Episode 2 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 11/28/09
Description:Oi Vai, This Ain’t Kosher!” – After ten months on hiatus, digitalflood Pirate Radio returns to finish off the season (Volume 5) bringing their irrelevant, witty, and always original web cast back to the Internet. This episode kicks off that return with DJ digitalflood and special guest co-host Reverend Damian Baker. M’Weezy is off and busy with pursuing her Registered Nursing AS degree and with her not around the question quickly becomes– just how out of control will DJ digitalflood get without M’Weezy being around to reign him in? You’ll have to listen in to find out. You’ll also hear about the good Reverend’s recent change of religion, Halloween trick or treat tomfoolery, and get to listen to his latest off the wall playlist. It’s a heavily 70s funk and soul influenced mix, but there’s bits of nu metal and rap in there as well. The conversation does take some strange detours and you’ll end up knowing more about the good Reverend than you may have ever wanted to know to begin with, but one things for sure– you’re sure to laugh the hardest you have in a long time. Keep your ears tuned for the MLK Jr. bobble head reference. Classic!


Random Video Clips – “Undefeatable”

Every now and then I run across a video that goes beyond viral in nature and becomes something truly more. For these select few videos I have a title. I dub them “Random Video Clips”. My introduction makes as much sense as this fight scene from “Undefeatable“. The real title of the movie is “Cui Hua Kuang Mo”, which was made in 1993. It was later imported into the US and translated as “Undefeatable”. For you English majors out there that is not a real word, but hey– this is Kung Fu not rocket science. The point is this scene is called by many a movie buff the “most ridiculous and incredible fight scene ever”. You’ll see why in a bit as soon as you hit play and I’m sure you’ll agree. With that, I give you “Undefeatable”:

If you have a clip you’d like to see nominated as the “Random Video Clip” drop me a line via the Contact form and let me know where I can find it on the Net.


DF Pirate Radio – “2009 Beat Feast”

Title: Vol. 5 Episode 1 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 1/6/09
Description: “The 2009 Annual Beat Feast” – Celebrate the New Year with a brand new live mix set by DJ digitalflood. 60 minutes of rock, rap, hip hop, and death metal (that’s not a typo). This annual mix gets released a bit late this year, but is well worth waiting for. With a new year upon us DJ digitalflood breaks out some new tricks to recreate some well known hits in his “Cut Like Crack” mixing style upping the ante in the art of DJing once again.

DF Pirate Radio – “The Lost Episode”

Title: Vol. 4 Episode 4 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 11/3/08
Description: “The Lost Episode ” – Lost for months in what has come to be known as “The Floody Pants Lazy Zone” this episode features Alexa as the guest host. This was recorded back on 11/3/08. DJ digitalflood and M’Weezy recount the old days when bears attacked, the Jackson 5 were thinking of reuniting, and Barrack Obama was nothing more than a could be Presidential nominee. Enjoy the cheeky 2008 references like Palin Secret Librarian Porn Star, Miley Cyrus Reverse Pedophile, When Wives Attack, and the ever popular M’Weezy Fat Joke Gone Wrong. Ah, the good old days (*sigh*). This episode was finally finished and released on 2/4/09.

DF Pirate Radio – “The Seance Sessions”

Title: Vol. 4 Episode 3 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 10/28/08
Description: “The Séance Sessions” – What happens when DJ digitalflood conjures up a mix of nothing, but bands who’ve lost a member and musicians who’ve passed on? Whether years gone or newly departed. Whether rock or hip hop. DJ digitalflood puts together a mix that’s sure to get any Halloween party going that’ll have you hearing dead people. It’s the annual Pirate Radio Halloween mix so be sure to get your favorite chilled glass of blood and be sure your fangs are clean. It’s time to get into it! Featuring over 70 minutes of live mixed non-stop music.