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MC Mary @ The Disco!’s Fiesta Crew

Meghan Megan
Megan was part of MC Mary’s Fiesta Crew and has appeared a few times on DF Pirate Radio. She enjoys music and good times with her friends and family. She is a Child Care Counselor by day full time.
Heather Heather
Heather is a huge 80s metal fan and would sell her soul for Bon Jovi’s guitar. Heather has appeared a couple of times on DF Pirate Radio as part of the Feista Crew. She works full time as a hairdresser. Heather plays guitar. She currently resides in Florida.
Steven Steven
Steven has appeared once on DF Pirate Radio as part of the Fiesta crew. Steven is a big fan of music and likes going to shows. He’s a full time student in college and is currently contemplating becoming a Mathematics teacher. He is Alexa’s cousin.
Will Will
Will has appeared on DF Pirate Radio once and helped guest host a show. He’s a full time High School student. He likes music and going to shows. He’s Alexa’s younger brother.
Alexa Alexa
Alexa has appeared on DF Pirate Radio a couple of times, but her name has been dropped by MC Mary at least fifty times during the span of the show’s run. Alexa likes music and going to shows. She digs up a lot of the celebrity gossip for MC Mary. She is full time  pastry chef at a tropical resort. She is a graduate of a Culinary Academy where she specialized in the gourmet art of Pastry Chef. Needless to say, she makes a killer chocolate chip cookie and amazing sugar sculptures for weddings cakes.
Rachael Rachael
Rachael has appeared a couple of times on Pirate Radio. She graduated college with Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science a few years ago. She is employed full time by a computer network security company. Rachel recently got engaged. Rachael’s hobby is music and she has a real passion for percussion instruments including drums.

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