Random Housekeeping

“Maid to Order “- It was a fairly horrible 80s movie, but hey… I needed a pun here.

What do you do once you get something working after days of toiling away? Break it worse! I embarked on a mission to add some new stuff. The first is  mostly “housekeeping” and catching up on some stuff:

I also deployed a new “content delivery network” application (or CDN for short), which in English means “I’m trying to make the site go faster” but as that application rolled out across the web you might have noticed broken stuff over the course of today. Things should settle out by tomorrow and be back to normal as that CDN app finishes being “known” by all the various Internet providers.

As the CDN does catch up though you’ll notice the site is much faster and will be more stable… or at least that’s the plan.


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