Thanksgiving Leftovers – 2009 Beat Feast Redux

Carve that turkey-- carve it good!

Carve that turkey– carve it good!

Some Thanksgiving leftovers only get better the longer you let them “settle” in your fridge.

Arguably few leftovers get better tasting after three plus years of settling. In fact, most would give you diseases that would kill your average person, but digitalflood Pirate Radio was never average.

With that in mind– we flash back to a very brilliant leftover to feast upon. A little mix at that we call “The 2009 Beat Feast – Redux”. A fine example of my DJ tomfoolery if there ever was one. I hope you enjoy this left overs, as well as, trust that you had a great Thanksgiving filled with friends, family, and enjoyment– if not there is always this mix to get you through the first few hours of work or such.  😉

DF Pirate Radio – “The 2009 Beat Feast – Redux”


Until Next Time

Bronze Statue of Family Waving Goodbye

As some of you may already know, I have been going through a large amount of turmoil and change in both my personal and professional life. I can say honestly that I firmly believe that everything is going to work out for the better and I can also honestly reassure you that I am okay, but due to the sensitive nature of the topics involved I would rather keep the details private.

Having said that, I have begun to consider my options with many facets of my life. During that process I began to realize that for some several months I have not been able to honestly say I enjoy the direction is proceeding in. I did, some months back, really enjoy the whole entertainment thing and somewhere during the past three months that has all changed.

You can see how distracted I’ve been by lack of updates and scattered focus on other projects. In short, has come to a halt unlike before. Yes, there have been hiatuses in the past; but this is arguably different. Because when my life changed in the past, as a project and an outlet seemed to thrive more than any other time. This time around was not the case. I feel stifled in the current framework I’m in. Distracted by wants and needs that cannot be met by simply focusing on entertainment production. My heart is no longer in this and long ago I made a promise when I first started this project that if my heart were ever not been into it; I would let it go because anything I produced from that point would be lackluster at best.

I can proudly saw the last few digitalflood Pirate Radio mixes have arguably been brilliant and the best work to date. Nevertheless, listenership is down significantly and I find it harder to be able to get my co-producers in the loop. They too are very distracted and focused on bigger/better things. That is life after all and I am far from bitter.

In fact, I wish to thank everyone who over the last decade has ever helped in any way keep this multimedia art project going in its many forms and iterations. We really made something here and it really moved people in ways I could not have ever imagined. You all have been supportive in your friendship and your companionship. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with all of you over the years. When you work with talented people it is easy to look brilliant yourself and so is the case with this project. You are true professionals.

I cannot forget my viewers. You have stuck through things with me through thick and thin. You have watched me grow up from a boy into a man via ever blog entry. You have showed unending support and encouragement from day one. To all of you who have ever viewed this site (even once by accident), I say a deep heartfelt thank you. You made me keep putting things out there and taking chances in my artistic creations that I could have never imagined I would have without you being there. Without you I would have never grown as far as I have as both an artist and a human being. And for that I am forever grateful and humbled by your gratitude.

To my family and friends, you all have been there through the whole the various high and low points of my life. I have enjoyed love from all of you that rivals that of all true friendships and families throughout time. I thank you for never questioning my work and always being there when I needed you as I progressed through it. You all together have been the rock on which I built this castle. I am forever in your debt. itself is not going away. I plan on launching a new iteration of the site with a new focus. It will be more polished and professional. It will have completely nothing to do with anything I’ve done over the last ten years. The legacy content will be shelled into a “Classic DF” category for reference purposes. The site itself will be gutted and over the next few months you will watch something new rise from the ashes. But the DigitalFl00d project itself ceases here. It was an experiment I never thought would last this long. It was successful in so many ways and more than I ever imagined it would be. It has served its purposes and now it is time for new things, new places, and new directions. I leave the art project satisfied with its results and forever proud of its achievements.

I cannot thank you all enough again and please understand this not good by– but until next we meet.


Snow Delay

Unicorn in Captivity

Oh look it's a Medieval painting of unicorn. That completely makes sense for this article-- or not.

This week’s episode of digitalflood Pirate Radio (“Volume 6 Episode 6″ ) was held up by a number of things including two blizzards and trying to catch up on my day job after a long weekend. The result is I’m pushing the episode back until probably next week for release. I’ll post when it looks like we’re going to get back on target. MC Mary @ The Disco! also couldn’t show up because of the snow to further complicate things and that too is delaying her inevitable return.

I’ve been working on another web site for a client of ours at work that is coming along rather well. As soon as we get out of the Alpha testing and into Beta I’ll give you a glimpse at that. The client still has to sign off on the work and until I have their okay I have to keep it under wraps, but I’m fairly impressed at even the early work. All that production work will certainly aid me as I begun rethinking itself over the course of Summer Hiatus. Development went so well, in fact, that I’m thinking of pushing up Version 12 of this site to late Spring 2010. Again, I’ll post when we get closer; but my feeling is that with minimal work I can migrate the site over to what I believe is the new layout framework within a matter of two or three days.

I’m also working on a new feature weekly article now that I’m done with my shoulder surgery recovery. The new article series will be a bit lighter in nature, but I think many of you will enjoy it never the less.


Arming Up

Akai MPD18 Pad Controller

Akai MPD18 Pad Controller

Last week DJ A.D.D. was kind enough to let me borrow his Akai MPD18 for an extended trial as he has recently gotten a much snazzier model. For my purposes though, the MPD18 fits in perfect with my DJ rig. It integrates into Virtual DJ and is great for initiating sampler/sound clips. As a bonus I can also use it to drive VST instruments (or virtual instruments). Even better, I managed to get a MIDI to USB cable. This lets me hook up my old Boss DR202 and also trigger MIDI effect in VirtualDJ. All in all, I have more buttons than I should ever need and a quickly growing DJ rig. I ran through a practice mix session and while there is going to be some additional learning time needed, I was able to integrate all of the equipment into my mixing style with ease. I spent a good deal of time working up a new MIDI map. I also finally mapped in a crossfader EQ mixer setup that will work nicely when mixing track to track. Again, I tried it out for the first time last night and the test run went excellent. You should hear some of these new tricks by this week’s Pirate Radio (still on for 2/16/10).


Snow Blind

I launched a new page navigation application on today that will make it easier to jump ahead or go back in time from the main “News & Updates” page that you’re seeing right now. If you scroll down to the bottom you’ll see it. I think this will help you move around a bit easier and that’s always nice. It’s also on the archived pages (including the “digitalflood Pirate Radio” show pages). Again, this should make moving around quickly on the site easier to do.

We got a lot of snow here in Orange County, NY (as has most of the Northeast) over the last 24 hours. About 12″ plus. The snow started around 9 pm yesterday and just stopped around 9 pm today. That’s 24 hours of snow. I’m far from buried in though. I managed to shovel myself out. My landlord gave me a hand with his plow equipped pick up truck (which save me tons of time).

I haven’t even had a chance to think about next week’s digitalflood Pirate Radio (that would be “Volume 6 Episode 6” for those of you who like numbers). I can tell you it will be out on 2/16/10 though actual recording still has to happen. I may be able to get MC Mary to do the next episode (Volume 6 Episode 7) as she’s stopping by next week.

Other than that all is well at the Pirate Radio if not a bit quite. I am right now in conversation about a pretty cool project that if it pans out I’ll let you know about. I’m looking to do a remix album and we’ll see where that goes.

Finally, DJ A.D.D. has been kind enough to loan me an Akai controller pad, which I have yet to hook up. When I do (most likely this weekend) I’m hoping to see if I can use it trigger samples and queue points in Virtual DJ. If not it may be time to learn Traktor (I’ve been holding out). We’ll see how that goes.