Roid Rage got a bit of a steroid boost today. This afternoon I took down server between 2:20 and 2:25 pm EST. I added additional RAM to help offset some minor bursts in traffic we see time to time. So far, so good. From a hardware standpoint we’re definitely where we need to be to keep the site running stable. We’ll now be focusing on getting the software configured properly and getting all the final graphics loaded.


Snow Blind

I launched a new page navigation application on today that will make it easier to jump ahead or go back in time from the main “News & Updates” page that you’re seeing right now. If you scroll down to the bottom you’ll see it. I think this will help you move around a bit easier and that’s always nice. It’s also on the archived pages (including the “digitalflood Pirate Radio” show pages). Again, this should make moving around quickly on the site easier to do.

We got a lot of snow here in Orange County, NY (as has most of the Northeast) over the last 24 hours. About 12″ plus. The snow started around 9 pm yesterday and just stopped around 9 pm today. That’s 24 hours of snow. I’m far from buried in though. I managed to shovel myself out. My landlord gave me a hand with his plow equipped pick up truck (which save me tons of time).

I haven’t even had a chance to think about next week’s digitalflood Pirate Radio (that would be “Volume 6 Episode 6” for those of you who like numbers). I can tell you it will be out on 2/16/10 though actual recording still has to happen. I may be able to get MC Mary to do the next episode (Volume 6 Episode 7) as she’s stopping by next week.

Other than that all is well at the Pirate Radio if not a bit quite. I am right now in conversation about a pretty cool project that if it pans out I’ll let you know about. I’m looking to do a remix album and we’ll see where that goes.

Finally, DJ A.D.D. has been kind enough to loan me an Akai controller pad, which I have yet to hook up. When I do (most likely this weekend) I’m hoping to see if I can use it trigger samples and queue points in Virtual DJ. If not it may be time to learn Traktor (I’ve been holding out). We’ll see how that goes.


Pirate Radio? Oh yeah, we do that!

The Cyclades Mill in Greece

Oh look... it's the Cyclades Mill in Greece, which I'm sure will come in handy to know about. Or not.

The biggest question on your mind has to be “When is digitalflood Pirate Radio Volume 6 Episode 5 going to be out?” I know it is. And even if it isn’t– I’m in denial and ergo it is. So there. The answer is probably tomorrow night. The live session is all recorded. It’s just got to be put through post-production and I have to be honest with you– there isn’t much needed. I’m either getting better at live mixing or getting less daring about doing stupid things while mixing. Maybe a bit of both. Either way, this one came together pretty fast. Without giving away too much about the show I’m pretty sure you’ll dig it (or at least 99% of you will… which is close enough for me).

Other than that I’ve just been so plain busy at work (a.k.a. my real job) there really hasn’t been much else going on. So it’s not that isn’t happening– it’s just happening slower because I have some other pending priorities, which are as follows:

  1. Being able to pay bills.
  2. Being able to afford food.
  3. Being able to pay rent.
  4. Being able to not die because the aforementioned needs are being met.

Fortunately I have been able to sneak family time in there so the wife and kids aren’t being neglected. No offense, but if it comes down to posting a blog or spending time with my daughters and wife– well the post isn’t happening. I’m sure you understand and I sure as Hell hope instead of checking out you’d rather spend time with your family… or not… *ahem*… awkward!


Making Sense of Things

Emperor Penguin

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be lots of random pics of Emperor Penguins on the Net. We can change that one blog post at time! (© Samuel Blanc -

I spent some time over the last twenty four hours building out better menu sorting for the digitalflood Pirate Radio episodes that I think you’ll find quite the time saver. If you hover over the “Music” menu at the top of this page and then hover over “DF Pirate Radio Webcasts” you’ll see a new sub-menu shoot out that breaks down all of the episodes season by season. I know this is long overdue, but better late than never (as they say).

I’m still mulling over what I want to do for “digitalflood Pirate Radio Vol. 6 Episode 4”. I don’t have any guests setup for the show and MC Mary @ The Disco! is back on college hiatus (as she continues pursuing her degree in nursing) so it looks like another solo session. If any one is interested in being on let me know. You probably won’t be able to make this episode, but at least I can maybe get another show going at a later date with actual people on it. In the meantime, I’ve been dying to trying out some new tricks I learned online from some tutorial videos. I picked up a new technique for using the cross channel frequency mixer to blend songs together and maybe that’s what I’ll record either Sunday or Monday night. Release date is still to be decided, but I’m aiming for either this Tuesday (1/26/10) or Wednesday (1/27/10). More on that as things begin to gel and actual recording takes place.

I have to tell you, my search page referrer hits for shoulder surgery have taken off as of late. I’m getting tons of visitors coming across this site just from my weekly recovery logs and it has been a pleasant surprise. I apparently rank pretty high across the various search engines (Yahoo, Google, etc…) when it comes to shoulder surgery searches. My hope was when I began all of this recovery logging that it would both allow me to track my recovery, as well as, help others as they go through the struggle of recovering themselves. Judging from the hits and feedback that seems to be the case. So now we can say is more than pure fluff– there’s some science and biology in there as well. Who would have thought that?


Shameless Promotion – Armed Suspects (11/21/09 Show)

Ah yes, promotion. The act of promoting a bunch of things in a very promotional promoted manner. We like doing this. It makes us feel good. Like petting a kitten. Or singing to the birds. Or other Disney princess movie type of stuff. So, in’s grand tradition of promoting random shows featuring our friends in a shameless manner I give you:

Armed Suspects playing with headliner Cold War Survivor
and fellow opening act Ruin!

Armed Supects - 11/21/09 Show

Show Details:

Start Time:

Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 9:00pm

End Time:

Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 12:00am


The Basement


744 Broadway


Kingston, NY

More Info:


Google Maps

This should be enough metal, punk rock, and good old fashioned beer drinking fun to keep you busy for the night. Be sure to tell Scotty Violence that DJ digitalflood sent you. If he then proceeds to punch you in the face and throw you out it’s not my fault. Look on the bright side– you’ll have a great story to tell your friends or co-workers the next day and me to thank. We all win in the end!  😀