DF Pirate Radio – Cliffnotes (2006 Season)

Cliff Notes – 2006 Season

* The audio clips between songs for Pirate Radio are actually DJ Digitalflood’s voice altered via computer software.

* The original advertisements for the various Pirate Radio episodes can be found in the Graphic Art section.

* An annual event since 1999, the Digitalflood Party takes place usually the first weekend of June. The first DF Party was held in 1999 and was completely non-alcoholic. After 2004 the party moved to a local tavern called GW’s. The beverages shortly there after were no longer non-alcoholic.

* It’s important you watch the Strongbad Metal episode at Homestar Runner in order to understand Vol. 2 Episode 5. Specifically the phrases “Summon orbs!” and “OMG! Wanna join my Guild?”.

* Recording a Pirate Radio show in a 20×20′ room with six people results in the temperature easily hitting 85ºF even on the coldest winter days as the crew would come to find out. Fans couldn’t be run (or AC for that matter) because it would have messed up recording, which only made things more challenging.

* Pirate Radio monologues have no script or set agenda. In general, the crew is told a topic and everybody kicks the idea around from there in realtime while recording. Sometimes you find comedy nuggets; other times you find jokes you wish that nobody managed to hear you say. Song mixing was also improvised as the guests get to choose the order of the tracks leaving DJ Digitalflood on his own to figure out in post-production how to make them flow.

* You can email Pirate Radio show ideas and song requests to DJ Digitalflood via the Contact form on this web site. Who knows, we might actually play it for you and give you the mandatory shout out.

* DJ Digitalflood does all his mixing on virtual turn tables and audio production software. He began doing computer based audio engineering in 1996 including formal training during High School and College on audio production.

* DJ Digitalflood’s dubbed his audio mixing style “Cut Like Crack”. The style is completely home brewed and developed by DJ Digitalflood himself. The term was first used by DJ Digitalflood in a bar conversation in 2005 when some people asked him what his music sounded like. The reponse: Like it was cut with crack.

* You can keep up to date on DF Pirate Radio by using the RSS Feed function in most audio management programs such as iTunes and Winamp. When a new episode comes out the program will automatically download it.

* MC Mary @ The Disco! played lacrosse through out all of High School and is a fourth degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do.

* A mysterious hum appeared in the monolouges during the middle of Volume 2 that DJ Digitalflood could not explain. It wasn’t until recording some mix tracks after the end of the season that DJ Digitalflood discovered the cause– the computer fans and hard drives would spin up during recording causing the desk that the unit was on to vibrate. The microphone (which also sat on that desk) in turn would pick up that vibration as a low tone hum. The result was the sound you hear during the silence buzzing along in the background oh so annoyingly.

* The Chickenette is a real sandwich consisting of a hard roll filled with three deep fried chicken tenders, a slice of fried honey ham, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and Swiss cheese. It comes with a pickle, coleslaw, and a side of fries (which are best with honey mustard). The calorie count is around 1,600 per serving. You can order it at the Monroe Diner in Monroe, NY.

* The sound clips used during Pirate Radio are collected via the Internet and include many popular movies including “Anchor Man”, “Napolean Dynamite”, “Tron”, and “Meet the Parents”. There’s also a lot of “The Simpsons” clips. The sound effects are also off the Internet from various freebie sites.

* Despite all the talk about drinking it is intresting to note that DJ Digitalflood was Straight Edge (including no caffeine, alcohol, or drugs) between 1994 and 2004.

* DJ Digitalflood went on hiatus beween April 2006 and November 2007 to focus on his new wife and later on helping out with their newborn daughter.

* Early in May 2006 My Space deleted DJ Digitalflood’s public musician account for “copyright violation” complaints. At the time of deletion, DF Pirate Radio had close to 4,000 friends. Today Digitalflood’s private profile is friends only and limited to those he knows in real life. The profile was one the top ten most popular artists within Orange County, NY for over four months.

* Digitalflood MP3s can be found all over the Net and have been distributed by other sites throughout the world. This includes the Pirate Radio shows.

* DF Pirate Radio accepts artist submissions for the show. Use the Contact page to find out how you can be featured on an episode of the show.


DF Pirate Radio – “Blackest Friday: A Tribute To Johnny Cash”

Title: Vol. 2 Episode 14 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 04/11/06
Description: DJ Digitalflood spins the last regularly produced Pirate Radio show before the show went on hiatus solo. DJ Digitalflood does a whole show dedicated to Johnny Cash. It’s back to back Cash tunes including some rare songs you don’t normally hear elsewhere. Classic show and a good way to close two years worth of top notch webcasts.

DF Pirate Radio – “Spring Break 2006”

Title: Vol. 2 Episode 13 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 04/04/06
Description: DJ Digitalflood spins on his own and provides us with the soundtrack to Spring Break 2006. From Punk Rock to Hardcore to Industrial to Hip Hop, he covers it all. There’s a few dedications thrown in for fun. Good stuff. So good that DJ Digitalflood calls out the other webcasts. Not much else to say.

DF Pirate Radio – “Parlez Vous”

Title: Vol. 2 Episode 12 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 03/27/06
Description: Reverend Baker returns for another round of strange music and even stranger stories. MC Mary discovers she has named herself when translated from Spanish to English as “MC Mary at the CD”. Four years of High School Spanish down the drain. The theme of the show is old school hip hop and features tons of throwbacks. DJ Digitalflood digs in and drops the best breakdance beats ever. Excellent mix.

DF Pirate Radio – “Harlem Child; Sugar Loaf Dreams”

Title: Vol. 2 Episode 11 (Click Link to Play) Rel: 03/13/06
Description: DJ Digitalflood goes solo again to do some mixing. We find out he cannot say “plethora”, but he can mix Rock, Blues, and Metal with the best of them. The episode features a song called “Harlem Child” by local Blues guitar legend Bill Perry who passed away suddenly due to illness in 2007. Digitalflood was a huge fan and this episode has been dedicated in memory of Bill Perry. You can purchase his albums online at Amazon. Highly recommended for music fans of all ages and genres.