DigitaFl00d – “Still Born” (Single)

DigitalFl00d - "Still Born"
DigitalFl00d - "Still Born" (Single)


1. Still Born
2. Still Born (instrumental)
3. Mother's Nature

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Credits: DigitalFl00d is flAnnelmAn, a computer, a guitar, some samples, and an Effect Pedal. flAnnelmAn is Chris Welch. Chris Welch is married 🙂

All Songs written, created, and manipulated by C. Welch

Songs contain free domain samples available on the CD-ROM Acid Music by Sonic Foundry Software(c)

Thanks to All my family, friends, and supporters. Special thanks to my loving and supportive wife, Melissa, who I will love always with all my heart and soul 🙂 Greets to Daemon Immortalis, c0il, Mervernation, Mikista, all the crew at jeph.net, Red Raven, Gundam, Flying Moose, Joe_Ban, Kevin, the WOL crew, my incredible dog Brittany the WonderPup, The West Milford Diner (mmmm... coffee keep me up to write and good), and anyone else who I forgot who probably hates me cause I didn't put there freaking name here and feels I owe them the world... you too 🙂 Oh yeah and that God person.

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About This Album

“Still Born” was the first web released album by Digitalflood. The release was really two tracks “Still Born” and “Mother’s Nature”; both of which were produced in early 1999. There was also a B-side “Still Born” that was an instrumental only version of the title track, which also appeared on the album. The album was released as a single in mid-1999 following a private release party (the first of many infamous “digitalflood Parties” that would become an annual event). Officially it became the first publicly available Digitalflood album as previous releases were as hand out CDs or through private BBS services. “Still Born” also marked the first originally composed music released by Chris Welch. Previous compilations were remixes and DJ sets. The album was a departure from previous jam sessions sounds and took on an entirely computer composed digital texture. Digitalflood actually started out as a live Rock band, but after members didn’t stick around Chris decided to go it on his own knowing his limited musical composition capabilities, but well aware that of the promise the Internet had as a new medium. This single was the raw result of that work and the first of a new breed of “digital” based producers that today is considered mainstream and quite normal as a methodology of production style.

Cliff Notes

* Melissa was Chris Welch’s first wife. Their marriage ended in 2003.

* Production work on “Still Born” lasted three weeks. The background musical loop samples were taken from a free domain CD included in the Acid Music composition application.

* Vocals are completely unmanipulated and recorded through a standard PC microphone direct to the PC.

* Guitar work is by Chris Welch and recorded direct to PC.

* “Mother’s Nature” was originally a Mother’s Day present from Chris to his Mom.

* “Still Born” is about abortion, but is not pro or anti abortion. The song describes the struggle between mother and fetus as the world fails to recognize that internal battle or provide support for either.


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