Classic DF – 4/7/03

April 07, 2003: [•] Despite what Iraq has to say US forces are in Baghdad as we speak conducting military operations against what’s left of Hussein’s failing regime. Also UK forces say that Chemical Ali is dead and if that’s true it would be a big blow to Hussein’s control base. [•] Eighteen Kurdish officials were killed in a friendly fire incident. [•] Gas prices have dropped a few cents for the sixth week in a row and are about 10¢ from where I remember them a year ago. [•] The UN has confirmed a report that Christians were slaughtered in a genocide attack in the Republic of Congo even though days before the attack both side signed a peace treaty. [•] Tornados hit Mississippi over the weekend. [•] Now North Korea says that any UN resolutions against their country will be regarded as a call to war. [•] A fire in a Siberian village’s school has left 22 people dead. [•] An Indian MIG fighter jet crashed into a milk factory injuring several factory workers. [•] Over 100 inmates are dead in Honduras after a prison riot. [•] A teen who fell into a coma shortly after delivering her child has come out of it a year later. [•] Over 2 million inmates are currently incarcerated in the US today. [•] Concern is growing over organ transplants being the cause of cancer spreading to individuals who would have not otherwise developed the disease. [•] Despite being shut down eight billion times al Qaeda’s web site is managing to survive. [•] Researchers are continuing to work on minimizing the total equipment weight carried by a soldier. [•] Lawyers are warning that if employers do not more aggressively filter work mail for pornography they may risk lawsuits. [•] Apple is going to offer an upgrade to its multimedia A/V production line of software. [•] Red Hat has started selling add-on applications for its server software. [•] Adobe continues to strive to become the document format of choice by updating its PDF format once again. [•] The upcoming new video for Marilyn Manson’s new single, moBSCENE, will be 40’s carnival themed. [•] Gorillas and chimpanzees are on the verge of extinction. [•] Mmmmm… Mazda RX-8. [•] I had an enjoyable, but somewhat busy weekend. The highlight of the weekend had to be when Gette learned to sing Rockin’ Robin. She’s so darn cute. We were watching an old VHS tape of the Muppet Show and that song came on. Out of nowhere she stands up, starts dancing, and singing along. It was completely adorable. I love that daughter of mine 😉


Classic DF – 1/11/01

Mermaid poised this: “I encourage everyone to make a “Desert Island” list. Readers of my site who have sites of their own, post it on yours. It will be interesting to see what everyone picks. The rules are simple. Given that you know you’ll be stranded on a Desert Island,.. if you could pick only 5 Albums that you could take to listen to for the rest of your life, what would they be? You can’t create mix tapes and CDs, they have to be legitimate albums. ”

5: Marilyn Manson: Antichrist Superstar – The resurrection of both Industrial and the concept album started here. Beautiful and scary at the time, the overall story is an intricate look at the down fall of a human by the fault of his own desires and needs. This is the model of the perfect concept album and lends itself to the story not only by word, but by texture and sound as well. I lived on this album for about a year on constant repeat in my stereo and played along till I knew every guitar note.

4: Deftones: Adrenaline – The first real metal album in years the Deftones blew up the 1995 rapcore scene way before Limp Bizkit ever appeared and they did right. The guitars mix perfectly with the shredded vocals, smooth bass lines, and break-beat drums. Chino Moreno is definitely one of the top vocalist of our music era. Very cool stuff. Every other nu-metal band wants to be them, but has no hope of ever coming close. Another album that I left on repeat for a year and learned every guitar note to.

3: Snapcase: Progression Through Unlearning – Real straight edge hard-core– If I had to name one band that fit that bill it would be Snapcase. When I saw them perform live I was beyond impressed and couldn’t help, but be drawn in. The album describes perfectly how society has become a lazy drug ridden and addicted mass that owes its life to poison breeding corporations full of greed. The truth has never been so apparent and perfectly spoken before.

2: Tool: Aenima – If I could take everything I liked about my previous three choices and combine it into one album without breaking the no compilation/mix tape rule it would be this album. Tool is simply the best groove based hard rock band on the face of the planet. Their songs have real meanings and themes like a concept album, but aren’t limited to one direct idea. They are hard like metal, but at the same time able to create soft beautiful melodies. They are aggressive like hard-core, but introspective like industrial. From the whooshing stacked chords of Stink Fist to the Satanic sounding spaghetti recipe Die Eier Von Satan and the last roar of Third Eye you can’t find another album that combines and breaks every music genre better. Brilliant.

1: Nine Inch Nails: Fragile – One hundred and two minutes of bliss. Sonically much softer then his previous work Trent Reznor has managed to create an album that isn’t easy to swallow in one sitting. It literally takes hours of listening and introspective reading of the lyrics book to begin to comprehend the time, as well as, passion put into this double album. Every portion, note, texture, sound, lyric, and graphic in the entire package has been obsessively looked at. Every single moment has a meaning. The feeling can be felt in the air around you as you listen to it. Fragile manages to prove that sometimes the loudest sound is the one that isn’t said at all.


Classic DF – 8/25/00

Aug 25, 2000: [•] Gulf Air Flight GF072 crashed due to an improper descent path. [•] Clinton is going to Nigeria. [•] Radiation levels around the sunken Kursk continue to read normal (Uh, what is normal?). [•] The state of Andhra Pradesh in India is being flooded. [•] World Intellectual Property Organization has ruled in 80% of cybersquatting against the squatter. [•] Several former LAPD officers are suing the department for harassment after reporting conduct violations to superiors. [•] A typhoon that hit China only caused some damaged, but fortunately no one was killed. [•] China has decided to release 3 imprisoned US citizens since they weren’t part of the Falun Gong (even though that is what they were arrested for). [•] The Mental Olympics are over. [•] A group of mountain climbers sponsored by Northface escaped rebels in Kyrgyzstan. [•] If it’s illegal to sell votes in the US why not move the deals offshore? [•] Nintendo has officially unveiled its N-Cube and Gameboy Advanced. They look very nice. [•] Prepare for AOLTV. [•] TRUSTe uses cookies on its website. Users are pissed. [•] The Duh Study of The Day: Computers are making life more stressful. Well, if you’ve ever used a computer then you know why… LOL. [•] Microsoft has developed a new CPU (Solo2) for its Web TV units. [•] Urban sprawl is ruining the view from our National Parks. [•] Population Action International thinks water supplies are getting smaller (and they are right). [•] A rare parasite has killed several dogs in New York. [•] PETA is still relying on cheap shock ads in order to get attention. (lamers) [•] A man attacked a family with a pitchfork and killed two child for no apparent reason. [•] If you find sex you can keep it. [•] PGP for Windows has a hole in it that leaves information unencrypted. [•] Battlebots is on Comedy Central. [•] Microsoft has closed a hole in Frontpage Server to prevent dOs attacks. [•] Yahoo! is going to offer encrypted e-mail. [•] Fallsburg Sgt. Melissa Freestone has been charged with stealing money. [•] The Chester Police Dummy is back. [•] Clean up that gas spill lamer! [•] The FBI attempts to catch a child molester on a tip and it ends up being the wrong person, but it also turns out that he too is a wanted felon LOL. [•] A pesticide is recalled. [•] An attacker found, a deadbeat dad is found, a disorientated senior hits another senior, Richard Castellano is going to be arraigned, a police dog finds a suspect, a cut phone line is fixed, a base jumper is arrested, Warwick is flushing its hydrants, and a man dies of a heart attack while jogging. [•] Ozzfest isn’t going to get to South America. [•] Godsmack will release Awake on Halloween. [•] Radiohead is previewing their new stuff online. [•] Live continues to work on its next album. [•] Check out SeemsLikeSalvation to find out new information on the next Nine Inch Nails album and a new Marilyn Manson song. [•] Bored? I’m not because it’s really busy! So I’m glad my vacation begins next week. All these newbies are driving me nuts! In fact, next week I will update you on my moving situation and what’s going on. Hopefully, everything will go good and I’ll get time to relax, but I doubt it 🙂 Till then… OH YEAH!


Classic DF – 8/24/00

Aug 24, 2000: [•] Second time is a charm, but not tonight it isn’t! Tonight I have to teach an Internet class for new users. That means that there isn’t anytime to post about the wonderful world that is ours. So instead… [•] Check out Daemon Immortalis’s web page to get a hold of some new Marilyn Manson and old Marilyn Manson MP3s. He rules. 🙂 [•] I love you wife! [•] Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able post some news to close off the week… maybe LOL.


Classic DF – 8/21/09

Aug 21, 2000: [•] The submarine rescue mission has been called off after Norwegian divers opened the rescue hatch only to find the entire vessel had filled with water. [•] The Verizon strike is over. [•] A pipeline in New Mexico exploded killing 6 people. [•] Ford has been under-inflating Firestone tires (at 26 psi) on Explorers. Firestone says that they recommend 30 psi, but that Ford had to under inflate the tires in order to avoid rollover issues with the Explorer. [•] Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is proposing to modernize the government by giving women equal rights and removing Orthodox Jewish beliefs from law to religion. Most of Israeli’s conservative groups oppose the change. [•] Citizens of the Chiapas (Mexico) have elected a non-PRI Governor, Pablo Salazar, with hopes of ending the war between the Mexican Army and Zapatista rebels fighting for Native Mexican rights. [•] East Timor has set up a multiparty Congress. [•] 8 children have died when a bus crashed in Germany. [•] A train derailed that was carrying fuel and caused an explosion that has left 18 people dead in Kenya. [•] Tiger Woods is either very good or very evil. [•] The pilot of a Northwest Airlines DC-10 died of a heart attack in the middle of a flight, but his copilot managed to land the plane without anyone else dying. [•] The Duh Study of The Day: Most people want privacy policies that require users to “opt in” to give out personal data. That is how is should be, but greed makes companies do otherwise. [•] President Clinton got flashed for his birthday (needless to say he didn’t complain). [•] The top 15 PCs. [•] The Cell is a special effects bonanza, now if only the script didn’t suck. [•] Can metal detectors and video cameras prevent violence in the school? [•] Coming to a cable lineup near you: ZDTV. [•] Celebrex, an arthritis fighting drug, seems to prevent tumors and slow the growth of tumors already there. [•] A 7 year old boy was killed at the Grahamsville Fair by an SUV who didn’t see him. [•] E-mail killed the letter. [•] The Tri-State Car Club’s 13th annual car show was yesterday in case you missed it. [•] Dr. Mark McMahon hopes to give Democrats a choice beside Hillary Clinton in the NY Senate race. [•] Cornwall has a new high school in the works. [•] Newburgh is getting an infrared detector, which is used to find survivors in fires. [•] Warwick will be hosting several experts on revitalizing and improving towns (oh there’s an original idea… improvement). [•] Cops went to a house because of a cat problem and ended up finding illegal guns, hippies arrested for trespassing, teens arrested for smoke bombing a trailer, a man shot a puppy because he was afraid it would attack his kid, a teen surrenders, and a man who pushed a prostitute out of a moving car has been found. [•] U2 has issued the track list for All That You Can’t Leave Behind. [•] The Big Day Out lineup has been confirmed. [•] SeemsLikeSalvation News is reporting October 10th as the release date for the new Nine Inch Nails EP, Marilyn Manson’s Disposable Teens and The Fight Song are getting airplay early, and I get props for spotting a Skinny Puppy scoop. [•] If you’re looking for a Java based PDA check out Teapot. [•] Apple is offering to buy back faulty Powerbooks and sell you the new model $700 cheaper. [•] Cadillac will be producing a roadster based on the Corvette platform, the Jaguar F-type will only be produced if there is demand, Mercedes will offer a C-class coupe next year, Lexus has announced prices for the LX 470 and IS 300, and Toyota has raised prices on some of its 2001 models. [•] The Presidents will take over local TV stations. [•] Ministry will be releasing one final video on Warner Brothers entitled Tapes of Wrath. [•] Various News: In case you missed it Korpios has resigned as an administrator and they need a new IRC operator which can be voted on here. Of course you should vote for me to become Supreme Commander of Underwater Basket Weaving for All Things [•] I love my wife (that’s not really new news, but I just thought you’d like to know) 🙂 [•] Daemon Immortalis will be posting the new Marilyn Manson songs since he likes them so much. [•] I think Red Raven has finally lost it LOL. [•] So following Immy’s tip I downloaded several of the new Marilyn Manson tracks (including a bunch of fakes) and I wasn’t disappointed. The new songs are hard like the Antichrist Superstar stuff, punked out like Portrait of an American Family, and at the same time funky like Mechanical Animals. I guess that means its the best of all worlds, but without all the crap there was in previous albums. This is exciting stuff. Talk to you tomorrow.