St. Baldwick’s Day: Joined “The Metal Brethen”

Donate to St. Baldwicks and help kids with cancer!

Donate to the St. Baldwick's Foundation and help kids with cancer!

Following up on my previous post about me participating in St. Baldwick’s Day– DJ SlipK, Skow From The East, and myself have joined the St. Baldwick’s team called “The Metal Brethen“. The team is being lead by Ken Pierce (of fame) and I’m mighty proud to be part of the team. Our goal is $3,000 total and Ken has already raised $250 as of this writing.

Once again, St. Baldwick’s Foundation is a non-profit charity organization specifically focused on supporting research and support for children with cancer. They are the number one non-profit supporter in this field and have over the last few years become one of the largest organized cancer research fund raising events in the US. Every dollar counts so please donate whatever you can.

You can make your donation through my donation web portal, which can be found at:

On 7/23/10, our team will be having their heads shaved in NYC to show solidarity with all cancer stricken people everywhere and to raise money for the charity. If you would like to join us you are welcome to do so. We’re already talking about getting some drinks down in Manhattan after the shavings are done and making this into a full evening celebration. So donate, show up to cheer us on, and enjoy a round of frosty adult beverages– all for a cause that is going to help some kids who really need it at a time where they are at their weakest and sickest. This is an absolute win-win for us all (well– expect for me and the Metal Brethen who will have to wear some sunscreen on their heads for few weeks– but we’ll deal because the cause is well worth it).

To add to things, I was talking with MC Mary (my sister) last night and it turns out that 7/23/10 will be the thirteenth anniversary of my father’s (Jeremiah Francis Welch Jr.) death. He passed away from complications caused by throat and mouth cancer in 1997. He was 52 years old and I was all of 20 years old at the time. So this makes this event all the more important to both me and my family as I will be shaving my head in his honor. I think it’s a great way to honor his memory and recognize how cancer impacts all of lives whether we are survivors, family members of those who have been ill, or those killed by it.

I hope you donate to this great cause and thank you in advance once again for your support.


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