The Catch Up

When you spend hours laying around unable to move one thing you do manage to do is catch up on the tech world. With that, here are some of the neatest things I’ve been following in tech lately:

  • Check out MaximumPC’s Top 50 Web Sites list. You’ll find some of my favorite daily clicks including, DrinkHacker, and What The Font.
  • If you’re as confused as me about the whole FaceBook Farmville and Vampire sim thing, there still may still be online multi-player gaming hope yet for the nerd community as a whole– Civilization is coming to FaceBook by 2010!
  • Remember a few days back I told you about Verizon’s new Droid phone and how both open availability of both the Moto Sholes hardware and the Android OS itself could lead to other things? Word is Dell is working on a mobile Android hand held of its own right now.
  • The US FCC Commission has unanimously declared Net Neutrality as a top mandate in regulation for online access and that is great news for consumers as a whole.
  • If you’re into on the go computing like me, be sure to check out Portable Apps. They rock!
  • The BK Windows 7 Whopper is amazing, but only sold in Japan.
  • Kudos to the US Executive Branch IT team for moving the White House site over to an open source CMS saving all tax payers money and developers’ time. Excellent job!
  • R.I.P. to GeoCities. Your wealth of poorly designed sites may have not been much to brag about, but being the first to offer the masses free web space is not only notable, but changed the way web content hosting would forever be offered to the residential market as a whole. There would be no MySpace, AOL, or Facebook had there been no GeoCities.
  • At the end of this month, Ubuntu’s latest OS (9.10) will be released. Looks slick. Why would I pay for an OS again? Windows who? iPhone what?

Right arm is still sore and 95% unusable, but the intense pain has died down. Able to take a sponge bath, which is nice. You forget how much you take simple pleasures like bathing until you can’t do them.


Classic DF – 8/9/00

Aug 9, 2000: [•] Firestone is recalling P235/75R15 Wilderness AT tires, radial ATX tires, and radial ATXII tires in response to safety concerns. [•] There are currently 70 large wildfires burning. [•] 10 people died when two planes collided over New Jersey. [•] Russian President Vladimir Putin is asking all citizens to remain calm after two bombings. [•] The recipients of the Medal of Freedom have been announced. [•] The US Surgeon General claims that if anti-smoking campaigns were implemented 1/2 of smokers would stop (Sure, right). [•] Women now outnumber men on the Net and are expanding rapidly in every age group except 18-24 years old. They are too busy trying to avoid men (just kidding). [•] The ETA have been blamed for a shooting in Spain. [•] A minor earthquake shook Mexico. [•] 200 troops are going to Sierra Leone to train troops to fight rebels. [•] Li Ping, the mistress of a high ranking official in China, has been sentenced to life for bribery. [•] A woman in Brazil found a finger in her bag of popcorn. [•] A court has awarded a pension pay of 150 liters of free beer a year to ex-workers in Germany. [•] A beach in South Florida has been closed due to an oil slick. [•] Ex-President Ford has been released from the hospital. [•] But Liz Taylor has been put in the hospital. [•] Bell Labs have successfully constructed an engine out of DNA. Weird. [•] Duh Study of The Day: The Pentagon is still being hacked. Well, duh… ummm… it is the number target of all hackers in the world. Sheesh. [•] The government has started using online bidding systems and contractors are pissed because their profits are going down (tough). [•] By using triangle compression scientists are hoping to lower download times. [•] On August 24th Nintendo will reveal details about Dolphin (the new 128-bit game console) and a new 32-bit Gameboy. [•] The top ten budget PCs are. [•] The FDA has approved a new inhaler for asthmatic children under 1 year old. [•] 11 million children have health insurance available to them, but aren’t covered. [•] Teen pregnancy is down 60%. [•] Pediatricians want to end spanking in schools. [•] Medium sized carnivores are making a comeback. [•] Hack your crop. [•] Companies are benefiting from cutting back pollution emissions. [•] The spotted owl faces a new threat to its existence, the barred owl. [•] Online comparison shopping may drive down CD prices and has sparked a lawsuit against the major labels (oh how does it feel bitch?). [•] Visa is implementing 10 new protocols for all vendors who wish to participate in online credit card transactions with Visa. [•] Xtrem, a small Swedish startup, is overclocking Macs to 1.2 GHz. [•] Raise your very own mermaid. [•] Aimster will allow users to share files using AIM. Oh joy. [•] Intel is going to start working on a peer-to-peer networking system thanks to interest in Napster. [•] DirecTV is cracking down of people stealing satellite TV (uh-oh). [•] Harold Mabee has been found guilty of murdering a woman he strangled during sex. [•] A teacher has been suspended for helping students just a little too much. [•] The Village of Warwick is finally going to clear rubble to build a parking lot, a carjacker indicted, a driver indicted for a car crash, a man falls to his death when he tries to climb out of a window using his bedsheets, and arsonist indicted. [•] Brian Marshall has left Creed. [•] Rage Against The Machine has shot their next single (Testify) music video with Michael Moore and is preparing for their live album concert. [•] Check out Kevin Clouser’s video for Closer (Precursor) from the movie Se7en. It is completely home made. It’s very cool. [•] Check out SeemsLikeSalvation News for information about the hidden Marilyn Manson web sites. [•] An Anti-paedophile protest is going on in the UK (very cool). [•] Thanks to the Artists’ Coalition music will be the property of their creator and not the RIAA. [•] If you want to make a hit and you’re a rapper just die then release a single. It’s true, it’s true. [•] Go real fast and not even get one speeding ticket. [•] Which 3D modeller is for you? [•] Logitech now has an optical mouse. Did I mention it is better then the Microsoft mouse? [•] VIA’s new motherboard will support both Intel and AMD chips. [•] Is it time to update your OS? [•] Stabilize your overclocked AGP slot. [•] Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 vs. Ferrari 550 Maranello. ‘Nuff said. [•] The automakers and insurance companies have sent a proposal to the NHTSA for side impact airbags and Ford is making a 2001 Harley-Davidson F-150 SuperCrew four door pickup. [•] Michael Moore is on tonight. [•] Azazel is still wonderful and I love her. [•] Daemon Immortalis give props to Captain Immy (no relation). [•] Glitch hacks [•] Red Raven has seen 140 hits within 42 hours. Nice. [•] Mermaid is worried I’m going to exile him… but this time I engaged brain before mouth 🙂 [•] Now on to business: There are individuals that I am disappointed in for their actions. Yes, I am very concerned with the way people act. Maybe because I care too much or maybe as I was once told– I stand on a high horse looking down on everyone else. Either way, I’m glad that web pages are up and that once again Rock had the courage to let things go. A lot of people said a lot of nasty stuff. Half the server hates the other half. I really don’t think any of us are friends anymore. No one has the right to slander anyone… except for me because you know I rule like that 🙂 Seriously, I think that no matter who did what we have all done some pretty shitty stuff to each other. I’m seriously thinking about going elsewhere. I have the means now. I have the knowledge. Hell, I’ve been at this stupid Net stuff for over 6 years now. Everyone is so angry. What is everyone angry at? I’m not sure. I know this though: My life is good. I have a really silly job that haggles me, but at least I have enough cash to get by. I have an incredible wife that I love more than anyone else in the world. My family is great and totally cares about both of us. I have some nice friends who help out from time to time when they aren’t fighting with us. started out about unity, but I guess the crew just isn’t there anymore. I feel like I’m on my own now with the exception of my wife. The only person I really can count on is Azazel. Everyone else is busy pointing out who is doing what and meantime no one is doing anything worthwhile. There is so much out there that needs to be fixed and we resort ourselves to wasting our time arguing or doing stupid immature shit. There are people starving, being downsized, pushed around, and babies dying. No one seems to care. The RIAA is about to close down our shop and clamp down on our world, but no one cares. So go ahead do whatever you want… I’ll be on my horse on the hilltop waiting for the next crusade. I hope one day you’ll join me.


Classic DF – 7/26/00

July 26, 2000: [•] Just a little under a day after we ran a report that Concordes had cracks in their wings one of those jets has crashed. The engines were checked moments before the flight left and one engine caught fire causing the flight to plummet. [•] Dick Cheney has been announced as George Bush’s running mate. [•] The Israel-Palestine Peace Summit didn’t work out. What did you expect? They’ve been fighting for nearly a century now! [•] Filipino Muslim rebels are still holding two Germans hostage and have attacked a Roman Catholic Church with a hand grenade. [•] This year’s Faux Faulkner Contest winner has announced. [•] The US Navy has begun research and development of an electric drive system for their next generation of destroyer ships. [•] The Fijian military has arrested George Speight even though he is supposed to have been pardoned. [•] Columbia’s peace talks have ended without an agreement between the government and rebels. [•] Ex-Indonesian President Suharto has been charged with corruption. [•] A tornado in Minnesota killed one person and damaged hundreds of homes. [•] A police sniper killed the woman being held hostage by a Florida man who later committed suicide. [•] Internet users who seeks sexual partners online are more likely to contract HIV. What can I say? [•] A federal judge has ruled that The Ten Commandments can not be placed on federal or state property. [•] A guest of The Jerry Springer Show has been killed by the people who confronted him on the show. [•] People who underwent a treatment that glued a toupee to their head have successfully sued the company after the hair pieces fell off within days. [•] Cisco has created the community of the future today. [•] Polaroid and Olympus have teamed up to release a instant digital camera. [•] A meteorite hit someone’s Geo Metro. [•] The US government is going online to allow people to pay for licenses and debts. [•] Germany will not block access to racist material over the Internet. [•] Hate on the web isn’t only a problem for Germany. [•] has announced its Macworld winners. [•] Using ecstasy severely damages your brain’s ability to make serotonin, which leads to depression or lack of feelings. [•] Putting yourself in the zone could help you after a stroke. [•] Women are finding it harder to get maternity coverage on their own. [•] Using St. John’s Wort can severely impact the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS treatments, heart medication, cancer treatments, organ transplants, and birth control pills. [•] Biodegradable stents may replace metal ones. [•] The Yahoo! Music Award winners have been announced. [•] Genetic research protesters may have had cyanide containers while protesting The International Society for Animal Genetics conference. [•] Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park has had 386 square miles added to it. [•] A new NASA developed sensor system will measure vehicles’ exhaust contents as they get on off ramps. [•] will automatically modify posts to include links to a product’s purchasing site upon its mere mentioning and Usenet posters are mad about it. [•] Another web site steals my ideas. [•] MP3Board will let the RIAA remove links as long as they do it on their own. [•] Is online scrutiny legal? Hells yeah. [•] A seven year old boy died after being hit by a van. [•] Police are looking to identify a woman found floating dead in the Hudson River. [•] A new New York State law will allow teachers to remove disruptive students, make attacks in school on faculty or by faculty a felony, and make it mandatory for all teachers to have background checks into past criminal activity. [•] The Times-Herald Record Briefs: a roll-over, a purse snatching, a teen pulls a knife, a man loses his leg in a car accident, prostitutes abound, fraud charges for an ex-mayor, and an accidental drowning. [•] Mike D (Beastie Boys) injured himself biking and as a result The Rhyme and Reason Tour will be postponed. [•] The 2000 Video Music Award nominees have been announced. [•] Pearl Jam has been cleared of all Rokslide charges, but they are demanding an investigation. [•] Death In Vegas has been nominated for a Mercury Award, which is given to an artist who creates an outstanding and groundbreaking album. [•] Billy Corgan got hard-core on ECW. [•] MTV interviews the Deftones. [•] Blockbuster Video wants to stream video to DSL users. [•] The FTC has settled with Toysmart, who won’t be allowed sell their former customers’ information. [•] How to create a web bug to track people on the Net. [•] Is Napster a network security threat? [•] Real Networks is still sending unique identifiers from their software to the a server. [•] How to fight a cult. [•] U2 will not be making a live album. [•] More artists bitch about MP3s. [•] The security at Woodstock 99 stole, took bribes, and rioted. [•] A new search engine will let you locate the cheapest CPU prices on the Net. [•] A new video game, Necron, may be the next cyber-punk addiction. [•] Which game pad is right for you. [•] Take a look at the new Z06 Corvette. It looks fun. [•] However, the new BMW 330xi looks incredible. [•] What does the Kia Rio give you for $9,000? [•] Four German roadster battle it out. [•] Behold the power of pocket rockets! [•] The Chrysler PT Cruisers’ crash rating have been mixed. [•] Azazel I love you! [•] Daemon Immortalis’ The Void is up and running. It looks awesome and therefore you should visit it 🙂 [•] See you tomorrow flood fans. Same flood place. Same flood web site!